VAVA Velvet!

VAVA Velvet

I am in love with velvet! It is everywhere for the party season! From heels to blazers, you cannot escape the luxury texture of velvet. It is coming in all colours and cuts, for men and woman and it can be just a hint to a whole look…you just cant get enough of this fabulous trend.

Velvet used to be reserved for the extraverts and hardcore fashion followers with designers like Dolce & Gabbana and Vivienne Westwood pioneering its looks. And when you were young your mother may have dressed you up in a velvet dress for your Christmas photo, but now, you will be wishing to have that dress back, it is so desirable!

I adore this hot pink velvet baby dress from Monsoon! Its colour is bold and bright, which is sure to add some light to the dark winter days, while being girly and perfect for any Christmas parties you may have to attend! Children’s clothes have come a long way in recent years, with trends mimicking adults. So there is no excuse for your wee ones not to look the part this party season!

Men cannot escape this trend; there is no excuse! Swap out your usual blazer or suit jacket and add this velvet number from M&S! It is as simple as that! The texture of velvet adds a new dimension to your look, and all the ladies will think you are a serious fashion force! If you want to turn it up a notch then why not have a velvet bow tie?!  This one from Zara is a must for any serious fashion follower; it is for the brave only! Worn with a simple white or black shirt and your usual suit, this can add a subtle charm…the choice is yours!

Us ladies love our bags, we have a bag for every situation or event, so why not have a bag that follows the velvet trend? This clutch from Accessorize has the embellishment and bling that adds to the richness of the velvet. It is a perfect party piece, and a must for this years Christmas event!

If you are looking for this years little black dress, then look no further…I have found the one! This black v-neck dress with fitted waist is a perfect find…it has velvet details without going overboard. The subtle floral velvet pattern creeping up the dress adds just the right amount of the look if you love fashion but are not brave enough to go full force. Not only that but the cut of this dress is flattering for almost any body shape…I would say this is a winner then?

And finally, want to buy the perfect Christmas gift for that important lady in your life? Whether its your girlfriend, wife, mum or daughter everyone loves a comfy robe…and this grey velvet one from Autograph at M&S has luxury, comfort and fashion forward written all over it!  Its on my wishlist!







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