Download our Christmas Party Booking Guide!

Round up your band of merry men and women and get inspired as we present over 40 fabulous places to wine, dine and enjoy your-elf this festive season. From buffets to three course feasts – take a walk through our party wonderland and find your perfect venue right here in Nottingham city centre. 

All of the prices in this guide are given per person, and we would advise booking as soon as possible to get the best deals.

Our fabulous guide features great themes to find your perfect Christmas party in Nottingham city centre.

  • Traditional Favourites
  • Christmas with a Twist
  • Festive Value
  • Party, Party, Party

Whatever your budget and party style, our guide has something for you. Download your Christmas Party Booking Guide now and make it a Christmas to remember in Nottingham. 

Enjoy your-self in Nottingham city centre this Christmas with our party booking guide!


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