Meet Our Dinosaurs

Come and see our amazing city centre dinosaurs this Summer and beyond, as Roary, Squawkers and Ayupmeduckasaurus fly and stomp their way to Nottingham for the City Centre Dinosaur Trail!

From the 26th June to the 30th September you can pick up a map from the Nottingham Tourism Centre or simply download from our website and wander from dino to dino, as you pop in to various venues along the way for a drink, to browse the shops or simply to enjoy a family day before you head to the Dinosaurs of China Exhibition at Wollaton Hall. 

So who are our dinosaurs? Our sculptures are on route to Nottingham so we'll share the real roar-some dinosaurs on Wednesday 28th June, but for now here's a little more about who's coming...

Ayupmeduckasaurus the Plesiosaurus - Spot him on Maid Marian Way/ Friar Lane

The Ayupmeduckasaurus often gets mistaken for the Loch Ness Monster, although he denies any resemblance. He was given his name by a competition winner on our Facebook page, and we think he'll get a lot of attention this summer.


Roary the T-Rex - Spot him on Lister Gate                  


Did you know T-Rex's lived about 65 to 70 million years ago? Roary will be bringing Lister Gate to life this summer and his bark is worse than his bite!

Squawkers the Pterodactyl - Spot him on Carlton Square


Flying to the trendy Hockley area this summer, Squawkers isn't technically classed as a dinosaur but rather a 'flying reptile' (It's ok, we'll let him off on this occasion)

Snap a selfie with our dinosaurs and you could win an amazing goody bag full of city centre treats and experiences - find out more here. 


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