5 fun things to do at home in lockdown

Whilst we all know lockdown is necessary to keep our loved ones safe, there’s no escaping the fact that it can be pretty boring at times; not to mention the impact it can have on your mental health. Staying busy and keeping up your morale with fun activities is key to staying happy during lockdown - which is why we’re making it our mission to share 5 fun ideas a week for you to try at home. We’ll be creating a new article packed with new activities every Monday until lockdown is lifted so without further ado let’s dive in to week 1.

Zoom Bingo

If you’re working from home right now then you’ll no doubt be taking part in your fair share of Zoom meetings. To shake them up a bit try creating a homemade bingo card filled with the stereotypical (and at this point, comical) things that happen on the daily. To get you started we’ve listed a few ideas below but do your best to get a creative as possible with them! 

  • “I think you’re on mute”
  • Someone can’t figure out how to join the call
  • Someones internet constantly cuts out
  • You’re the one who forgot to unmute (pure embarrassment by zoom call standards) 
  • Someone changed their name to something funny for a call with friends over the weekend and forgot to change it back for your professional work call.
  • Someone changed their background to a tropical paradise or something similar.

Bake and decorate a obnoxiously large cake

Not only is baking a useful skill to learn but it also provides an opportunity for you to tap into your creative side. Once you get the basics down there’s really no limit to the tasty creations you can make. Okay. So at this point you’re probably wondering “but why does the cake have to be so big?”. The simple answer is because it’s challenging and the initial results will almost definitely make you chuckle (ever seen ‘Nailed It’?). That said, if you’re somewhat of a perfectionist then there’s just has much fun to be had sticking to something more achievable. If nothing else you’re going to preoccupy yourself for a few hours and end up with a tasty treat at the end! If you’re short on equipment then Lakeland have a pretty solid range of baking supplies.

Colouring in for adults

Remember how many hours you’d spend colouring in as a kid? Well it turns out that it’s just as enjoyable as a grown up! The concept is still the same but the designs are a lot more intricate and will take you a fair few hours to finish if done with care. The experience is said to provide therapeutic mental health benefits for many people and will add a period of calm to your day. If this sounds like it may be for you then you’ll be glad to know there’s an abundance of books readily available that are packed with all sorts of designs. Waterstones have an impressive collection if you’re not sure where to start.

Get into crafting

For many people, lockdown provides a lot of additional downtime; making it a great time to take-up a new hobby. Crafting is not only a popular choice but also has a lot of avenues you can explore depending on what takes your interest. We recently discovered that John Lewis now sell a range of all-in-one crafting kits that provide all the necessary tools and supplies to get you creating. The cool part is the amount of variety on offer. From glass painting to embroidery and candle kits, there’s something for everyone to get stuck into. If you want to take a browse then you can see the full collection here. 

Binge watch The Office on Netflix

The immensely popular show was recently added to Netflix in December and has 9 seasons for you to dive into. Lead by Steve Carell (who plays the office manager), the show is a mockumentary series that follows a team of office workers at a fictional paper company in Scranton, Pennsylvania. Things quickly become ridiculous and the shenanigans are endless. Just so you know, we’re not recommending this based on our personal opinion of the show but rather by its numbers. In 2020, 57.13 BILLION minutes of the show were streamed in the U.S alone. Whether or not you’ll enjoy the series will of course depend entirely on your personal taste but with that many people watching, it’s at least worth a shot right? (Quick disclaimer that we wouldn't recommend this one as a family show and that none of the views in the series represent our own)

(Picture: NBC)

(Picture: NBC)



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