5 Nottingham restaurants who deliver vegan dishes

Whether you’re a life long vegan or giving ‘Veganuary’ a try, these 5 Nottingham restaurants have you covered during lockdown and beyond.

Ugly Bread:

Ah carbs. Where would we be without you? If you’re craving pizza, a deliciously packed sandwich or essentially anything with a tasty bread base then look no further than Ugly Bread. Located on Carlton Street, Ugly Bread are a staple for locals and often sell out most items on the menu due to its popularity. There’s plenty of vegan options to choose from with most sections of the menu containing at least one vegan dish. Not only will Ugly Bread deliver direct to your door but at the time of writing, if you use the code “Nottingham21”, you’ll get 20% off on all orders £60 or over - Score!

Image credit: Ugly Bread, Facebook.

Image credit: Ugly Bread, Facebook.

Annie’s Burger Shack:

Few restaurants are as committed to providing superb vegan food as Annie’s Burger Shack. In-fact, nearly every item on the menu is available in a vegan format. Rather than creating a few vegan dishes, Annie’s refuse to compromise and build each dish from the ground up using vegan ingredients, meaning you can enjoy the exact same dishes as your carnivore and vegetarian friends (unless all your friends are vegan in which case good for you!). If you fancy a burger now then you’ll be glad to know you can order direct to your door from Annie’s website. Enjoy! 


With restaurants nationwide, you’ve no doubt already heard of Wagamama and their Japanese inspired menu. If you’re new to veganism then what you may not know is that Wagamama serve up a bountiful selection of animal product free dishes. From ramen to gyoza and their signature katsu curry; the most difficult part of ordering from Wagamama is deciding what to get. If we’ve sold you on the idea then you can view the entire menu and place your order here.

Clean Cut Kitchen:

Despite some common misconceptions, not all vegan food is healthy. You could quite easily live off potato fries if you really wanted to! Luckily, Clean Cut Kitchen are around and offer an impressive range of dishes that are not only healthy but also super tasty. If you’re really looking to commit to healthy eating then you’ll want to take a look at their meal prep. For £70, Clean Cut will prepare and deliver 12 delicious meals straight to your door. Some of the meals available include Sweet Chilli Tofu with Coconut Rice and Stir-fry Veg, Red Lentil and Chickpea Thai Red Curry and Chickpea Fusili & Vegan Bolognese. If you want to jump in to the meal prep hype then you can get started here.

Image credit: Clean Cut Kitchen

Image credit: Clean Cut Kitchen

The Cumin Restaurant:

We couldn’t write a blog on fantastic vegan food in Nottingham without including some Indian cuisine!  The Cumin have a whopping 21 vegan items on their menu and are currently offering 15% off your bill when you place an order through their app. Every dish is cooked to perfection and is sure to delight fans of quality Indian cooking. The Chana Masala is particularly tasty if you’re looking for suggestions. Order directly from the restaurant here.


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