5 Top Picks For Pancake Day In Nottingham

It’s that time of year again where we get to indulge ourselves in the sweet fluffy goodness that is Pancake Day.

We’re really spoilt for choice when it comes to getting a great pancake in Nottingham but luckily for you we’ve picked out five city centre restaurants that are going above and beyond to celebrate.


1. Bill's Restaurant 

If you like variety then Bill’s has stacks of it. From sweet to savoury, you won’t be short of options here. Choose from tasty topping options like poached eggs, feta & avocado or indulge with a caramelized banana and salted caramel pancake for dessert! If you’re after a vegan option then smile because the vegan coconut ice cream and mango pancakes are sure to go down a treat.

Bill's Restaurant

Bill's Restaurant

2. The Horn in Hand

Are you a local legend for how many pancakes you can eat? If so then The Horn in Hand may be just what you need. At only 25p a pancake (yes you read that right! Only 25p!) you’ll be able to eat to your hearts content. The incredible price is only matched by how good these pancakes taste. Add a little maple syrup and you’ll be in pancake heaven. 

25p Pancakes - The Horn in Hand

25p Pancakes - The Horn in Hand

3. Das Kino

Das Kino are going with an all you can eat policy for their Pancake Day celebrations and it’s only £8.95 (bargain?!). Not only that but the event has been organised by the Nottingham Pancake Appreciation Society, who we think are probably quite likely to know their stuff when it comes to tasty as heck pancakes. They’ve promised an expanded range of choice since last years event and created some truly awesome toppings. You’ll be able to get your pancake on at Das Kino from 2 - 10pm. 

Banana & Chocolate Pancake - Das Kino

Banana & Chocolate Pancake - Das Kino

4. Kaspas

Located on Maid Marrian Way, Kaspas are well know for their in Nottingham for their spectacular range of delicious desserts making it the perfect restaurant choice for those of you with a sweet-tooth. You'll find plenty of topping options here, including an impressive selection of ice cream. 

Kaspas - Chocolate & Strawberry Pancake

Kaspas - Chocolate & Strawberry Pancake

5. Heavenly Desserts

You'll enjoy a more sophisticated pancake here and that's by no means a bad thing. Top notch ingredients and attention to detail results in a pancake that you won't forget any time soon. The taste is only matched by the impressive aesthetic so be sure to snap a photo for your Instagram before tucking in!   

Heavenly Desserts - Pancake

Heavenly Desserts - Pancake

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