7 things we miss about Nottingham

It’s been about 8 weeks since lockdown was first enforced and although spending more time at home had its benefits at first, we’re beginning to miss spending time in the city and all the things that come with city life. There’s a million things that we love about Nottingham but we’ve managed to narrow it down to 7. In no particular order, here they are.

1. The people

What’s a city without people? From catching up with friends over a hot drink in your favourite coffee house to the friendly cashier who asks how your day is going ; it’s these small day to day interactions that make visiting Nottingham a great experience. The fact that Nottingham was voted as one of the most friendly cities in UK says it all!

2. Food, food and more food

We are absolutely spoilt for choice when it comes to top notch restaurants and eateries. At one point in time we had an average of six Indian, Thai, Italian, Chinese, fish and chips and kebab restaurants in every square mile of the city. That’s a lot of options and we miss having them. Sit down meals almost seem like a thing of the past at this point and we really can’t wait to have them back. For now, the good news is that many venues are offering a delivery or take out service so we can still tuck into our favourite dishes from home. We’ve put most of them on a handy digital map which you can cake a peek at HERE.

3. Eating lunch in Old Market Square

This may sound like a small thing but is there really anything better than escaping work on a gloriously sunny day to enjoy lunch on the square? We really didn’t appreciate it enough at the time but now it’s gone, we really do miss it. If you’re one of the few people that haven’t done this before then make sure to add it to your things to do list once lockdown is over. Grab your favourite takeaway lunch, take a seat and watch the clouds go by.

4. Meeting at the left lion

Whilst we’re on the topic of Old Market Square related things, how long has it been since you said “I’ll meet you at the left lion”? We genuinely can’t remember and that’s an odd feeling.

5. Shopping

Shopping in the city is an experience that you just can’t get online. Being able to try something on or asking for a product demo before buying is a convenience that we never realised we were taking for granted until now. Shopping in the city is much more than merely purchasing a collection of items. It’s an entire day out.

6. The night life

Oh how we miss big nights out on the town! Remember dancing the night away in the city’s clubs and bars before heading out at 3am for your fix of cheesy chips? How about becoming best friends with a stranger in the queue for five minutes as you wait to get into your favourite venue? Not that every activity has to result in a headache the next day! From our theatres to cinemas, comedy clubs and everything in-between; there’s so much we can’t wait to do again. There are alternatives that we’d recommend giving a go. For instance, Rock City host 3 weekly virtual club nights and the Annie's Burger Shack pub quiz is fantastic fun.  

7. Live music

Nottingham has been home to a thriving live music scene for decades. If you wanted to, you could easily go to a gig every night of the week without seeing the same artist twice. We also have a fantastic variety of venues ranging from intimate to arena, resulting in the best of both worlds. Sadly, with large gatherings of any kind forbidden for the foreseeable future, we think it will be a while until we’re in a packed out room bopping along to songs from Nottingham’s up and coming talent. If like us, you’re also missing the thrill of live music then the good news is there are alternatives available in the form of live streaming. Nottstopping Festival alone promises up to 150 hours of live performances!

Have things that you miss about our city? Connect with us on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter and let us know. We might even add it to our list!

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