Alternative ways of supporting businesses through COVID-19

Here are a few ways you can help support Nottingham's high street if you are practicing social distancing.

If you've been watching the news lately then you're bound to have heard about the affects that the COVID-19 outbreak is having on city centres in the UK. With many people now practicing social distancing and self isolation, our shops, restaurants, bars and leisure businesses are facing difficult times. We've put a short list together of alternative ways to shop with, and support city centre businesses over the coming weeks. 


1. Gift cards

We completely understand that you may be wanting to put shopping trips and dinner plans on hold right now, especially if you're trying to avoid large groups of people. Rather than cancel your plans all-together, why not purchase a gift card from the places you were intending to visit for future use? Most gift cards have a very reasonable validation time which means that you can use them when you're ready to head back out into the world. Best of all, it gives you something nice to look forward to and businesses a much-needed sale. If we all do this then it could make a big difference! 

2. Take out and delivery

We're spoilt for choice when it comes to delicious food and drink in Nottingham. From top notch burgers to fine dining, specialist beer shops, cheese shops and more; there's always plenty of tasty locations to visit. Many of these businesses have implemented a takeout and delivery service so you can enjoy their food in the comfort of your home. Others are offering a collection service which allows you to order in advance and then collect and pay from outside the venue using contactless. You can normally find out if these services are being offered via the businesses social media pages but it's always worth giving them a call if not. Take a peek at our directory for contact numbers and social media links.   

3. Online shopping

It may seem unusual to suggest online shopping when talking about supporting the local high street but there is a rational explanation here! Our thinking is that many businesses will be better equipped to help subsidise local stores if they are recouping their losses else where. Nottingham is also home to many independently owned businesses who will be shipping your purchase directly from their shop in the city centre.

If you decide online is for you then it may worth doing a little research before buying as some businesses operate their online store and local stores as entirely separate entities; meaning an online sale may not help the high street store. 


4. Reviews, social media and word of mouth

A little positivity can go a long way. Have you recently visited a business in the city centre that offered amazing customer service? Maybe you enjoyed a delicious meal somewhere or the staff in that clothing shop were super friendly? Let people know! 

Positive feedback, glowing reviews and recommendations can be invaluable to businesses. Whether it's leaving a good review on trip advisor, sharing your experiences on social media or simply chatting to your friends about a great place you know over coffee (or Skype); it all helps! 


5. Be patient. Be kind

This is a difficult time for both business owners and their employees. Reduced hours, lack of footfall and stock shortages are but a few of the challenges currently facing them. Whether it's in-store, over the phone or online; we're asking that people take a moment to consider these challenges when interacting with workers in the city. Nottingham is a community and it's important to look out one another.  

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