Cafe Sobar share stunning mocktail recipe you can make at home

Tasty, refreshing and easy to make - What's not to like?

Looking to cut down on your alcohol consumption or simply appreciate the art of a good mock-tail? This fab recipe from Cafe Sobar is just the thing you need! Famed around Nottingham for their delicious food menu and phenomenal selection of alcohol free alternatives for popular drinks, the friendly cafe have now shared a mocktail recipe that you can make from the comfort of your own home and it's a must-try! 

Give the video a watch for the full instructions. Don't worry about noting down the ingredients, we've popped them in a handy list just below the video. Enjoy!  


• Ice

• Sarsaparilla (any brand will do) cordial 100ml

• Ginger ale to taste.

• Half a Fresh lime

• A wedge of fresh ginger

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