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View across Castle Wharf in Nottingham - Credit:  Canal & River Trust

View across Castle Wharf in Nottingham - Credit: Canal & River Trust

The Canal & River Trust

Formed in 2012, The Canal & River Trust are the guardians of 2,000 miles of historic canals and rivers stretching throughout the UK. 5 of those 2,000 miles are right here in Nottingham, travelling through the city centre and Beeston. The Trust believe that life is better by the water and they’ve done the research to back it up! Find out more about that here. 

Working along side with volunteers and communities, The Canal & River Trust want to transform canals and rivers into spaces where local people in Nottingham can spend time and feel better. With increasing rates of obesity, stress and declining mental health in the UK; The Trust believe that helping to provide pleasant, clean and safe outdoor spaces could contribute towards improving the wellbeing of thousands of people.

Here’s a helpful breakdown of just some of the work the Canal & River Trust do:

  • We create new routes to work, places to enjoy and spaces where you want to be
  • We build stronger communities by giving people the chance to protect and improve the places that matter to them
  • We help thousands of people young and old develop their confidence and learn new skills
  • We champion the many benefits that our waterways offer and encourage more people to use and enjoy them
  • We care for a 2000-mile long ‘green-blue ribbon’ that connects hundreds of wildlife habitats, helping you to get closer to nature wherever you live
  • We protect our precious heritage so your children, and their children too, can connect with our rich history
  • We make sure that 2,980 bridges, 1,580 locks and 335 aqueducts are open and ready for use all day, every day
View across Castle Wharf in Nottingham - Credit: Canal & River Trust

View across Castle Wharf in Nottingham - Credit: Canal & River Trust

Nottingham Canal Improvement Partnership

As the name suggests, the Nottingham Canal Improvement Partnership is all about making the whole five mile length of Nottingham Beeston Canal better for people and wildlife.

The Partnership brings together businesses, voluntary organisations and public sector bodies to help improve the canal, which runs from Meadow Lane Lock to Beeston Lock, for the thousands of people living and working alongside them.

You can find our more about the partnership in the video below. 

How to show your support: 

As a registered charity, The Canal & River Trust partly rely on public donations to ensure all the work they do is possible. If you would like to show your support the charity, there are a number of ways to do so, from one off gifts to monthly memberships. Click here for a full list of ways you can get involved.

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