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Nottingham Castle Trust

If you’re from Nottingham or have lived here for a while then you will have no doubt visited Nottingham Castle; whether to stroll around the grounds, explore the interior or enjoy it from a distance in one of the surrounding pub’s beer gardens. To make these experiences possible, the castle requires crucial maintenance and management, which is where Nottingham Castle Trust enter the equation. As an independent registered charity, Nottingham Castle Trust oversee all operational and organisational aspects involved with keeping the castle in tip top shape and making it a must-see destination for visitors. With Nottingham Castle set to reopen this year after a huge thirty million pound refurbishment, there's never been a better time to support the organisation behind it all. 


A little history 

Nottingham Castle has overseen the city from its home on Castle Rock ever since 1068 when it was first ordered to be built by one William the Conquerer. During the castles 1000 year lifetime, it has been witness to multiple wars, home to kings and queens, fought over and much more. You don’t become a city’s historical gem without going through a few things, you know? If you’d like to really dive into Nottingham Castle’s story, Nottingham Castle Trust have done an outstanding job of documenting it on their website. It makes for a great read too! Click here to pop over to their page.


Robin Hood

Nottingham’s very own legend! Few organisations do a better job of documenting and retelling the story of Robin Hood than Nottingham Castle Trust. Within the castle walls you’ll find a variety of fun and interactive exhibits, including digital games, story telling screens and retellings of some of the hero’s most daring adventures. You can even travel back to 1368 and see what life was really like in a medieval town through interactive gaming tables.

Exterior, Night shot of the Gatehouse:     Image credit: Tracey Whitefoot / The Castle Trust

Exterior, Night shot of the Gatehouse: Image credit: Tracey Whitefoot / The Castle Trust

The main aims of Nottingham Castle Trust: 

For Nottingham Castle Trust, history and community are at the heart of everything they do. They recognise that without community, Nottingham wouldn’t have the rich stories and history that it does today.

They aim to inspire a sense of belonging, so that everyone feels as though the castle reflects their stories. Positively impacting on the lives of people from Nottingham’s communities is central to their work. They are committed to building long-term relationships and working together. 

They see it as their duty to amplify Nottingham’s many voices, giving communities an opportunity to express and supporting neighbourhoods all over the city.


How to show your support for Nottingham Castle Trust: 

Join the Giving Circle: 

As a registered charity, Nottingham Castle Trust need to generate £5 million a year to enable their work. This is supported by ticket income, shops, cafés and events, but they also need to raise money from trusts, foundations, corporate partners and individuals. 

By joining Nottingham Castle Trust's Giving Circle, your support will: 

  • Keep Nottingham’s incredible heritage open to the public
  • Help them look after their world-class collections
  • Support learning programmes for the greatest impact
  • Enable their special exhibitions to bring the best of the nation’s art and culture to their visitors


To find out more, visit Nottingham Castle Trust's website or click here to go straight there now. 

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