Stuck on the right Christmas jumper for you? Give these a try

Time to up your Christmas jumper game? Here are four options you can find in Nottingham that you should consider adding to your short list.

No two Christmas jumpers are the same, so for a little bit of fun we’ll be scoring these four jumpers out of five in three key areas.

• How Christmassy is it?

• How cosy is it?

• Warmth

Polar Bear Jumper - Primark

This medium weight jumper from Primark is a slightly more modern take on the Christmas Jumper, but doesn’t stray too far the classic Christmas look we know and love. The polar bear is certainly cute and the festive vibes are present. If you’re looking for a good all-rounder then this our choice. 

How Christmassy is it? - 4/5

How cosy is it? - 3/5

Warmth - 3/5

Penguin Jumper/Dress - Jojo Maman Bebe

If you’re on the hunt for an adorable Christmas jumper for your little one, then look no further. The penguins are cute, the patterns are festive and it looks very cosy; what more could you need? Jojo Maman Bebe have a long history of designing only the best quality clothing for children; so rest assured that you’ll be getting a top notch product here. 

How Christmassy is it? - 5/5

How cosy is it? - 5/5

Warmth - 5/5

New Look (Thurland Street) - ‘Under the mistletoe’ Hoodie

For a more contemporary take on the Christmas jumper, you may want to consider this festive hoodie from New Look. Sure, it’s not as loud or blatant as a traditional jumper, but it’ll go with a large number of your outfits. If it works with more outfits then you can wear it more often. If you can wear it more often, then you’ll be spreading Christmas cheer more frequently. See, it all makes sense! 

How Christmassy is it? - 3/5

How cosy is it? - 3/5

Warmth - 3/5

Tutu Urban Boutique - ‘Love’ sweater

If the idea of wearing a traditional brightly coloured Christmas jumper doesn’t particularly appeal to you, then this subtle V neck sweater may be a good alternative. The red and green is still very much in line with traditional Christmas colours and providing you pair it with a few wintery accessories, putting a festive look together is easily achievable. 

How Christmassy is it? - 2/5

How cosy is it? - 3/5

Warmth - 3/5

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