Corona Virus: Face masks to be made mandatory for shoppers

Wearing a face mask will be made compulsory for shoppers in England from 24th July

Wearing a face mask covering is something that has been advised through the COVID-19 crisis but will now become mandatory for shoppers from 24th July. At the time of writing, the new rules do not apply to pubs, cafes or restaurants but will be strictly enforced in shops. Not only will shops be able to refuse entry to those not wearing a mask but police may issue a £100 fine to anyone caught ignoring the rule. The fine will be reduced to £50 if paid within 14 days. 


Morphe Shop Assistant - Photo by It's in Nottingham

Morphe Shop Assistant - Photo by It's in Nottingham

Where do you currently need to wear a face mask? 

At the time of writing, it is currently only compulsory to wear a face mask on public transport. You can find out more about travelling via public transport on the Nottingham City Transport website HERE. Shops, supermarkets, indoor shopping centres, transport hubs, banks and post offices will be added to the list of places you'll need a mask for on 24th July. You will also be required to wear a mask when ordering or collecting food for takeout. Whilst a face mask won't stop you from catching COVID-19, guidelines state that wearing one will reduce the risk of you transmitting the virus if you already have it. 

Who is exempt from the new rules?

The latest government announcement states that children under 11 and those with certain disabilities will be the only people exempt from wearing a face covering in shops from 24th July. 

Shopping safely in Nottingham

Thinking of visiting the city centre for a day of shopping? You may find the information on our 'Welcome Back' page to be very useful ahead of your trip. From floor signage to opening packs for businesses; take a look at what we've been implementing in partnership with Nottingham City Council to make the city a safe and welcoming place for all. 

How to make your own face mask

If you don't currently own a face mask then it is possible to make your own. To give you a helping hand, we've tracked down a tutorial by the government that shows you how to make a face mask at home using a few simple tools and easy to source material. Click HERE to go to the tutorial. 



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