COVID-19 vaccine approved in UK

The UK government has approved the use of Pfizer's coronavirus vaccine

The UK has just become the first county in the world to approve Pfizer's coronavirus vaccine and it could begin to be rolled out as early as next week. According to Sky News the government has secured 40 million doses of the vaccine - 10 million expected to be in the UK by the end of the year.  


Studies have been reported to show the new vaccine to be 95% effective in people of all ages. The vaccine needs to be refrigerated at -70C (-94F) and each patient will require two doses for it to work. 

According to BBC news , there are 50 hospitals ready and waiting to receive the new vaccine and plans to create vaccination centres are already underway. 

It's yet to be confirmed where these locations will be in Nottingham but we'll be sure to update you as we find out more information. 

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