5 fun things to do at home in lockdown

Whilst we all know lockdown is necessary to keep our loved ones safe, there’s no escaping the fact that it can be pretty boring at times; not to mention the impact it can have on your mental health. Staying busy and keeping up your morale with fun activities is key to staying happy during lockdown - which is why we’re making it our mission to share 5 fun ideas a week for you to try at home. We’ll be creating a new article packed with new activities every Monday until lockdown is lifted so without further ado let’s dive in to week 2.

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Take a luxurious bath

Not only is a nice hot bath a great way to relax but they’re particularly satisfying during in the winter months when the temperature drops and the weather is less then pleasant. Now, to truly get the most out this experience you’re going to want to go all out; half measures simply won’t do. We’re talking bath bombs, candles, wine, a good book, music, beauty products - The works! If you’re short on supplies then Lush is the first place that comes to mind; it’s their specialty after all. 

Date night at home

If you’re missing restaurants and nights out then you’re not alone! That said, there’s a lot of fun to be had creating the perfect date night at home. The more effort you’re willing to put into this, the more you’ll enjoy the results so really go to town on your planning and ideas. Try transforming your dining area with candles, fairly lights, and anything that will help create a lovely atmosphere for you. A delicious meal is a big part of part of any successful date night so be sure to look up some recipes and plan it all out in advance. If you’re not much of a cook then have a shop around. Mark’s and Spencer often have some really tasty pre-prepared meals for two that include a dessert and a bottle of wine. Last but not least, make sure to rid yourself of any distractions. Turn off the Tv, put your phone on silent and spend some quality time with your partner! You’ll feel great for it.

Perfect your look

Forget “all dressed up and nowhere to go”. Lockdown is the perfect time to update your style  and find a look that really works for you. Not only does it offer the opportunity to de-clutter your wardrobe but ditching the comfy clothes and dressing to impress every now and then can do wonders for your mood. What’s more is you’ll have an abundance of amazing outfits to show off once lockdown is lifted. You won’t be alone either, take a quick glance over your Instagram and you’ll discover a multitude of people doing this exact thing right now. With many retailers currently offering delivery (New Look, Topshop, Zara - to name a few) the possibilities are endless.

Pick up a copy of Animal Crossing and create the perfect island

If you’ve never heard of Animal Crossing then here’s a short introduction for you. The game is a social simulator created by Nintendo in which your character moves to a blank island and sets to work transforming it into a thriving town by collecting materials, building things and interacting with the island’s other inhabitants. There’s a lot of charm to the game, from the adorable art style to the relaxing (yet catchy) music and the overly positive attitude of each character; it very quickly becomes difficult to put down. Other cool features include a real time clock and seasons that change with the real world. This doesn’t just affect the weather but also what vegetables you can grow.; expect to see snow during winter and plenty of pumpkins around in October. If you’re looking to escape from the real world for a while then Animal Crossing may just be your best bet.  Of course, you’ll need a Nintendo Switch to be able to play but unlike the latest Xbox and PlayStation; they’re usually readily available at places such as Game and Currys PC World. The Switch Lite is our recommendation for those on a budget. 

Animal Crossing - New Horizons. Image credit: Nintendo

Animal Crossing - New Horizons. Image credit: Nintendo

Whip out the board games and spend some quality time with the family

With the exception of Monopoly which has been known to cause all out war, board games are a surprisingly fun and social way to spend time with your family. If anything, board games are seriously underrated. They get you talking, laughing and most of all; having fun with your nearest and dearest. If you’re one of those people who haven’t played a board game in years then you’re in for a treat because the variety of games available nowadays means you’re almost certain to find something you enjoy. The Works are home to a good number of those games and currently offer delivery so go ahead and start browsing.


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