5 fun things to do at home in lockdown - Week 3

Whilst we all know lockdown is necessary to keep our loved ones safe, there’s no escaping the fact that it can be pretty boring at times; not to mention the impact it can have on your mental health. Staying busy and keeping up your morale with fun activities is key to staying happy during lockdown - which is why we’re making it our mission to share 5 fun ideas a week for you to try at home. We’ll be creating a new article packed with new activities every Monday until lockdown is lifted so without further ado let’s dive in to week 2.

If you missed last week's article then you can take a peek here.

Watch the Super Bowl:

The Super Bowl is one of, if not the most exciting sporting events in the USA. The game is essentially the grand finale to the NFL season and saying the organisation make a pretty big deal out of it would be an understatement. As as well as the game to enjoy, you can also look forward to what always ends being a spectacular half time show. This year, The Weekend will be the artist performing and with rumours circulating that he’s invested 7 million dollars of his own money into the performance, you can count on it being something you won’t want to miss. To get the full Super Bowl experience, you’re going to want to stock up on top tier snacks and drinks. Wings are normally the go-to but Annie’s Burger Shack is also a great shout. After all, who’s going to cook up a better American feast than a born and raised American? The game takes place late at night in the UK so you’re going to want to take a nap in the day or at least take it easy to avoid nodding off! If you’ve never watched American Football before and want a quick overview of the rules then BBC have a pretty handy page filled with everything you need to know. Take a peek here. The game will take place on Sunday, 7th February.

Image credit: https://www.nfl.com/

Image credit: https://www.nfl.com/

Learn an instrument:

Learning an instrument is a skill that takes plenty of time, practice and patience. For many for us, lockdown has gifted at least one of those 3 things. Exactly which instrument you decide to learn is entirely up to you but it’s worth considering a few variables before making up your mind. For example, if you live in an apartment building then a drum kit won’t be ideal as you won’t be able to practice much without annoying your neighbours. That said, if you are set on the drums then electronic kits exist and they’re much quieter than their acoustic counterpart. 

For people looking for an instrument that’s affordable and offers much more flexible practice hours, the Ukulele may be a good option. Not only is it relatively quiet but the short neck and soft strings make it much easier to play than something like a guitar which requires a bit more ground work before you’ll start to see results. That isn’t to say you won’t need to put in plenty of practice if you truly want to master the instrument but you’ll likely be able to play some basic versions of your favourite songs sooner rather than later. Sold on the idea? Music Room offer a great range of instruments for beginners. 

Top tip: Buy the best instrument you can afford at the time as it will still meet your needs as your skills progress later down the line.

Become a pro barista at home:

If, like many people, you’re missing favourite coffee house then you’re not alone! The good news is it’s never been easier to make great tasting coffee from the comfort of your humble abode. To get started you're going to need to invest in a little equipment which will vary in price depending on the type of coffee you’re looking to make. The most affordable option by far is an aeropress coupled with your favourite ground coffee. The simple yet effective machine makes it easier than ever to create a great tasting cup of joe. If you're more interested in learning latte art, the upfront cost will be pricier as you’ll need a machine capable of making espresso and frothing milk. Whilst more costly, owning such a machine will provide you with the means of creating a much larger variety of drinks. Our recommendation would be a Sage machine from 200° Coffee. There are a few to choose from but the base model does more than enough for those just starting out. 200° also offer a very good barista course that will teach you everything you need to know to make quality coffee at home. Enjoy!

Teach the kids a little history:

Nottingham is a city full of rich history and few establishments do a better job of bringing it to life than The National Justice Museum. Throughout lockdown, the museum have been filling up with their website with free learning materials that are perfect for teaching the little ones. Not only is the material packed with interesting facts but they make for a fun, educational lockdown activity that the whole family can enjoy. Interested? You can download all the available activities directly from The National Justice Museum’s website. Get started here.

Image credit: National Justice Museum

Image credit: National Justice Museum

Design your own T-shirt:

This one is super simple, fun and creative! All you need to get started is plain white T-shirt and some fabric pens. Don’t worry about creating the perfect design, just come up with a few ideas on paper before you begin and then get to it. Even if it doesn’t come out exactly how you hoped, it’ll still make a great memory and if nothing else, you’ll have a one of a kind item of clothing. This is a perfect activity for both adults and children and will go down well with families. If you’re not sure where to pick up the fabric pens, check out this starter pack from WHS Smith.


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