Christmas gift ideas for Mum

Mum’s are superstars all year round and should always be at the top of your list for people to treat at Christmas time. They do so much for us and Christmas is the perfect time to show them how much we appreciate it. If you’re feeling a little stuck for inspiration, don’t worry because we’ve created this handy list packed with items any Mum would like to find under tree.

Supercuts - Wella Professionals Fusion Gift Set

Sometimes Mums can be so busy looking after everyone else that their hair is probably the last thing on their minds. This gift set from Supercuts is perfect for hair in need of a little TLC and will have Mum looking a million dollars in no time. Not only does this item work to repair damaged hair, but the special Silksteel technology works to help protect it from further damage, which means this is a gift Mum can enjoy for weeks to come. 

Buy the Wella Professionals Fusio Gift Sent

Photo Credit: SUPERCUTS

Photo Credit: SUPERCUTS

Lush - Gift Sets

Lush have truly cemented their place as one of the best companies for luxury bathing products in the UK. Their colourful, fun and quirky products are a delight for thousands of people around the country. When it comes to gift sets, Lush have a huge selection of quality items that are sure to impress. No matter what you’re budget, you’re likely to find a great gift for Mum here. If you’re eco-conscious then you’ll be happy to know that all of Lush’s gift boxes are created using 100% recycled materials. They’re also currently offering a click and collect service from their store in Nottingham, which is great for those looking to avoid pesky delivery times. 

Buy Lush Gift Boxes

Photo Credit: LUSH

Photo Credit: LUSH

Argento Jewellery - Nomination Classic Rose Gold Base Bracelet

These simple yet stylish bracelets are ideal for those looking to add a little customisation to their gift. The bracelets look great on their own but are designed for use with cute little charms which you have to pick at the time of purchase. The really cool thing about this item is that the owner removes a link in the bracelet every time they add a new charm. If you fill up the charm slots then you should have enough removed links to start a new bracelet from scratch!

Buy The Nomination Classic Rose Gold Base Bracelet

Phot Credit: ARGENTO

Phot Credit: ARGENTO

Gigi Bottega - Balenciaga Small Hourglass Bag in Cobalt Blue

If budget isn’t an issue then this beautiful bag from Gigi Bottega will leave Mum overjoyed. As with everything at Gigi Bottega, the quality of this item is outstanding, and if well looked after, should be enjoyed for many years to come. Crafted in Italy with the finest leather, this stylish bag is designed for versatility and will go with both casual and more glamorous outfits.

Buy the Balenciaga Small Hourglass Bag in Cobalt Blue

Photo Credit: GIGI BOTTEGA

Photo Credit: GIGI BOTTEGA

OFFICE - Dr. Martens - 1460 Serena Fur Boots

An iconic boot for an iconic lady! Dr. Martens have been making their ever-popular boot since the 1960’s so it’s fair to say they know a thing or two about stylish footwear. These particular boots take the classic design and lines them with an eye catching leopard print inspired lining that are sure to keep Mums feet nice and toasty all through winter. Given that they’re black, they should go with most outfits meaning the owner can really get the most out of them. If you’re in the market for a gift that will never go out of style then look no further than these docs.

Buy the Dr. Martens - 1460 Serena Fur Boots

Photo Credit: OFFICE

Photo Credit: OFFICE

Morphe Brushes - Limited Edition Natural Flirt Artistry Palette

If you’re shopping in the makeup department this season then Morphe are a solid choice. This limited edition palette is sure to look glamorous all season long. Shimmering nudes mix and mingle with blushing berries to create a look that will always deliver. 

Buy the Limited Edition Natural Flirt Artistry Palette

Phot Credit: MORPHE

Phot Credit: MORPHE

The Fragrance Shop - Eau de Juice

This playful collection of floral, fruity fragrances celebrates all of your Mum’s favourite spirits, because who said she only had one? We love the quirky packaging for this product and it will definitely stand out amongst the rest of the gifts under tree (not that it’s a competition!). There’s also 4 different options to choose from so finding the perfect fragrance to suit should be fairly easy… Unless you think she’d like them all that is. We’ll leave that one with you! This item is available for click and collect from their shop in Victoria Centre. Visit the link below to get started. 

Buy Eau de juice

Photo Credit: The Fragrance Shop

Photo Credit: The Fragrance Shop

Megan Crook Textiles - Handmade Fashion

If you’re looking for something truly unique then a beautifully handcrafted item from Megan Crook’s fashion collection will hit the spot. Designed and created right here in Nottingham, Megan’s clothing is made for the mature ladies who want to look their best. From concept to creation, every stitch is sewn with care and detail to make sure the customer receives an item that’s fashionable, comfortable and made to last. There’s plenty to choose from here so rather than suggesting a single item we’re going to direct you towards Megan’s shop so you can explore the range for yourself and choose something you know your Mum will adore. 

Buy Megan Crook Textiles




No matter what you surprise Mum with for Christmas this year, we know she will love it! If you’ve been unsure where to start, then we hope the above items give you a little inspiration.

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