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Coach Rikki from UFC Gym Nottingham shares key nutritional tips and a workout suitable for the whole family!

We are so thrilled to be contributing this guest blog focusing on Fitness and Nutrition, to provide simple and adaptable advice during these uncertain times, to help you #TrainDifferent.

With gyms and fitness facilities still closed in accordance to UK government guidance, we at UFC GYM, have taken this time to connect with our Nottingham based members via email and social media channels, offering fitness challenges, mobility tips and nutritional guidance.

We’ve asked Coach Rikki, one of our most experienced UFC GYM Certified Coaches, as well as our Assistant Manager at UFC GYM Nottingham, for some key nutritional tips, as well as a Conditioning Circuit which you can do from the comfort of your home, with the whole family able to get involved! #StayInWorkOut.

Coach Rikki - UFC Gym Nottingham

Coach Rikki - UFC Gym Nottingham

Coach Rikki’s Conditioning Circuit:

Coach Rikki’s circuit incorporates moves inspired by combat conditioning drills, with options available for all abilities. The circuit should take 9 minutes, but you can add extra rounds in 3 minutes increments for an additional challenge. Aim for 45 seconds work, followed by 15 seconds rest, with 3 drills in a row making up one circuit.


1. Squat with Knees (Muay Thai - Legs)

2. Bicycle Crunch (Boxing core conditioning)

3. Over and Unders (Wrestling – Agility for ones doing the over and under, Upper Body Strength development in the Worm Push-Up)

The moves above have roots in Muay Thai, Boxing and Wrestling – showcasing our #TrainDifferent philosophy, which is for all ages and abilities here at #ufcgymnotts

Rikki Recommends - My Top 3 Tips:

As well as a UFC GYM Certified Coach and Personal Trainer, I’m also a qualified Nutrition Adviser, with over 10 years' experience and have successfully helped many people with their weight management goals and achieve brilliant results. Today I want to give you some simple advice and practical tips on how you can successfully win the fight against unwanted weight gain. My hope is to empower you with some key knowledge that you can add into your everyday routine and implement starting today!

I appreciate that right now many people have gained unwanted weight and many more will be worrying about how to avoid the dreaded ‘corona stone’. I myself have been managing my weight during the lockdown and want to share with you what I’ve been doing, which has seen me lose bodyfat in a consistent and manageable manner.

The bad news is there’s no ‘magic pill’, no ‘secret sauce’, no ‘quick fix’, no ‘one recipe’ that will solve our weight gain woes - the good news however, is that with consistent effort both in the gym (or your lockdown home workouts) and with our daily food choices we can work to achieve your goals. It all starts from your kitchen.

1. Use a Nutrition Tracker App:

Many of us underestimate how much we eat and overestimate how much activity we do. A Nutrition tracker app will help you on many levels, it will help you to become your own personal detective on foods that you may personally overindulge on. With that knowledge you can take control and find some healthier alternatives or simply reduce the amount you consume. Go to snacks for me tend to be popcorn (sweet or salted) or Greek yogurt. If budget allows, I also like good a quality protein bar.


2. Focus on Protein:

The root word ‘protein’ comes from the Greek language meaning of ‘primary’ – literally, it comes first! With that idea in mind, when you plan meals or a diet, the component that needs to be considered of highest priority is protein. Protein is essential for body tissue repair like muscles, skin and bodily organs and keeping you in great health. It’s also much more filling than carbohydrates or fats – so you’ll find yourself naturally consuming less of it and fuller for longer.


Excellent sources of complete proteins are meats such as:

  • Beef
  • Chicken
  • Lamb
  • Pork
  • Fish

Plants, beans and seeds offer excellent sources of protein - but try to eat a broad range of these to ensure you consuming all the essential proteins needed.

Examples of plants, beans and seeds with a good protein profiles include:

  • Hemp
  • Quinoa
  • Buckwheat
  • Chickpeas

Once you have your protein locked in, you can then build your meals with good healthy sources of whole food carbohydrates and health fats. In my opinion you should aim to consume, as a minimum, approximately 0.8-1g of protein per kilogram of bodyweight per day. If you are active, or elderly, in my opinion you should aim to consume even more per kilogram of bodyweight.

3. Avoid drinking your calories:

Many of us can over consume beverages such as smoothies, fruit juices and alcohols that very easily offer lots of calories, though are not filling at all. This means that drinks high in calories in accompaniment to a meal may cause overconsumption very quickly. My advice is, whenever you can, drink water with a meal or a sugar free dilute. Additionally, if you want to include smoothies as part of your meals, ensure this is planned into your daily/weekly diet plan so you can keep track of your intake with your newly downloaded Nutrition app.

I appreciate food choices and preferences are a very individual area and one I personally like to tailor to my clients in line with their training plan. I hope you have gained some helpful, practical and actionable tips on three areas that I have found to consistently help clients in both the short and long-term.

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We offer a free complimentary guest pass for your first session, which includes a class on the day of your visit. To register for a guest pass, please visit, and we can get you booked in once we’re back up and running. We have a range of training, nutrition and lifestyle tips available on our social channels, helping you to #TrainDifferent from home – UFC GYM Nottingham on Facebook and @ufcgymnotts on Instagram.


Yours in health and wellness,
Coach Rikki
UFC GYM Nottingham’s resident nutrition and fitness expert


UFC GYM® is home to fitness enthusiasts of all ages and abilities with membership options starting from the age of 6 years+. As the first to combine mixed martial arts and fitness, we have developed an atmosphere where you can revel in immediate results, united by our winning dedication to TRAIN DIFFERENT®.

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