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Introducing BOHNS Best Burgers:

If you’ve been missing the buzz of Hockley during lockdown- start preparing for your return!


Hidden on Broad Street in the heart of Hockley under Brewdog is BOHNS. A gourmet burger restaurant utilising their products to develop a unique selling point like no other burger joint.


To use the full title- BOHNS FINEST RUBS & SPICES - use tongue in cheek humour in their branding, but please be assured their priority is on delivering quality food. When developing the rubs, they utilise quality ingredients to build levels of flavour that will complement rather than overpower your meal. 



In 2014, Thomas and Jeff had a eureka moment whilst discussing the trend for new cooking ideas and the increasing popularity of the street food culture in the UK. However, rather than targeting rubs for barbecuing only, they focussed on rubs and spices for home cooking.  After a few drinks around the kitchen table Butt Massage, Breast Enhancer, Rump Rub and All Spice were born. Like their neighbours upstairs, BOHNS certainly enjoy a pun!

In 2018 the BOHNS restaurant on Broad Street opened and established itself as a great place with awesome customer service- you only have to read the @tripadvisor reviews to see that. The interior is cool and comfortable, attracting students, young professionals and families -basically everyone! The menu caters to vegetarians and vegans too. If you haven’t been, once we’re out of lockdown, get yourself booked in!


Did you know?

BOHNS is (almost) family run. Thomas and Jeff are a “Father and Son in Law – to be partnership”. The big day is booked for 2022 and will be one of the proudest moments of Jeff’s life to see both partnerships become a reality in law.

BOHNS Best Burgers

BOHNS Best Burgers

Get in touch:

Address: 20-22 Broad Street, Nottingham, NG1 3AL
Tel: 0115 959 9083

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