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A weekly spotlight on the fabulous Nottingham Independents, who make our city unique.

Introducing Debbie Bryan

Crowned TripAdvisor’s number one shopping destination in Nottingham, four years running, Debbie Bryan sell an array of handmade art, design, and heritage collections. From homewares, art and craft kits to jewellery, fashion, and ceramics, many of the gallery's collections are design and made in-house. Debbie Bryan also work with many leading artisans throughout the nation to sell unique and original designs. Alongside the gallery and design studio, Debbie Bryan have a beautiful creative space and tearoom.

With their debut gallery situated in the historic Lace Market, the business also houses a Nottingham Lace Archive, popular to both residents and visitors of Nottingham. This archive is a collection of Nottingham Lace technical illustrations, Jacquard punch cards, antique Nottingham lace trims and motifs from last lace embroidery company, Fewkes. As well as fabric, Lace embroidery hoops, and tablecloths from ninth generation Lever’s Lace producer, Cluny Lace. Archival pieces are on display and available to purchase from the gallery.

Image credit: Debbie Bryan

Image credit: Debbie Bryan

With a background in retail, floristry, and visual display since leaving school, at 30 years old Debbie moved to Nottingham to study and was supported by Nottingham Trent University’s The Hive program. After graduating from The School of Art & Design at Nottingham Trent University with a Masters in Fashion & Textiles, and a Degree in Textile Design in 2006, Debbie established her design company, Debbie Bryan, selling to independent galleries and museum shops in the UK and overseas. “I have been very lucky to have the opportunity of traveling for my job. I have met inspirational people and visited some fantastic places.” In 2009, Debbie expanded the design studio moving to a Georgian Town House in the heart of the Nottingham’s Lace Market. June 12th 2021 celebrates 12 years since Debbie Bryan opened their gallery doors to the public on St. Mary’s Gate.

If you haven’t visited Debbie Bryan before, we recommend looking up as you weave your way through the architectural lanes of the Lace Market. The daytime calm of the area provides a tranquil juxtaposition from the hustle and bustle of Hockley. Celebrating Nottingham’s heritage, the Debbie Bryan building takes inspiration from the surrounding area. It references the bold, elegant design of the warehouses that serviced Nottingham’s famous lace industry. The concrete facade is embedded with a mid-19th-century cherry blossom lace design by Richard Birkin, which was discovered in a time capsule buried on the building’s site. Neighbours to Debbie Bryan include the grandiose Grade II* listed Justice Museum, as well as one of the largest contemporary art institutions in the UK, the iconic RIBA Award-winning Nottingham Contemporary.

After a decade of continuous success, Debbie Bryan opened their second gallery in 2020 in Ruddington’s museum village at 15 High Street, NG11 6DT.

Image credit: Debbie Bryan

Image credit: Debbie Bryan

Did you know?

Debbie’s in-laws used to be the proud owners of a family bakery in Debbie and Phillip's hometown of Morecambe Bay. When Debbie Bryan came to establish their tearoom in 2014, Debbie’s 90-year-old mother-in-law Brenda would coach her over the phone to help perfect their home baked recipes. This

included their popular vegan scones, which have since been published in two recipe books; Nottingham Cookbook: Second Helpings and The Little Book of Cakes & Bakes.

Debbie Bryan has exhibited in China and has visited the beautiful city of Hangzhou four times, taking part in China Craft Week, an international selling exhibition. Hangzhou is best known as the historic centre for Chinese Silk, home to two world heritage sites; West Lake and the Grand Canal. It is also the birthplace of Longjing Tea; regarded as the ‘Capital of Tea in China’. Debbie met with designers and artisans from around the world, committed to making their very best work; traditional Chinese textile crafts, Taiwanese hand-crafted jewellery, skillfully made leather Italian bags, innovative designs ideas from Japan and Switzerland plus the most amazing furniture from France.


An ideal day out in Nottingham

Taking a wander of Nottingham’s great independents, Debbie would start on Derby Road, heading down to Shop Zero to say hello and purchase some lovely soaps. Next up would be Handmade Nottingham for sweet gifts for Debbie’s nieces, and The Bead Shop to see what’s new, before getting to Cobden Chambers and being tempted by great gifts from Studio Chocolate, Stick & Ribbon and Keishi. Lunch would be courtesy of Cartwheel, followed by a visit to Nottingham Contemporary for the latest exhibition and then head down to Hopkinson for antique spotting. Next is a visit to the super cool Rough Trade and Universal Works before heading to Sneinton Market Avenues, popping by Curious and wandering back home through her plot in St. Ann’s Allotments.

We recommend wearing comfortable shoes to trace Debbie’s steps, it really does sound like a great, action packed day!


You can stay up to date with all the latest from Debbie Bryan by following them on either of their two social media channels below. 

Facebook: @DebbieBryanShop

Instagram: @DebbieBryanShop

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