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A weekly spotlight on the fabulous Nottingham Independents, who make our city unique.

Introducing Handmade Nottingham

If you need a pick-me-up or a gift to make a loved one smile, this is the shop for you. Handmade Nottingham may just be the brightest shop in the city – literally! Instantly recognisable by its bright orange logo and shop signage, Handmade Nottingham stands out for all the right reasons. They are proud to stock over 100 UK designer makers, bringing you a whole range of products to make you smile, giggle and warm your heart. Whether you want to buy a gift for your Mum, a lockdown Birthday, a little pick me up for a pal or just a treat for yourself, they have got you covered. One thing we have really appreciated during lockdown, is that you can send a gift directly with Handmade Nottingham, so there is no need to order gifts weeks in advance or worry about presentation, as they will do it all for you. Simply add the message you would like included in the 'notes' box at the checkout, and your order will be packed and shipped that following Monday or Friday.

If you have never been to Handmade Nottingham before, or visited the shop since its days on St. James Street (where eco champions Shop Zero now reside), let us tell you a bit about what you will find…Beautiful window displays filled with colour pique your interest as you wonder through Trinity Square, drawing you onto Kings Walk. Home to a bounty of other fabulous Nottingham Independents such as the infamous hidden treasure Petit Paris, and more recently opened barbershop Nordic Yard, Kings Walk adds a charm, reminiscent of holidays exploring European cities. The two large windows at Handmade Nottingham are filled with examples of what lies within, beautifully crafted products from very talented designer-makers, from fun prints to adorn your Zoom backdrop, to pun-tastic tote bags that make trips ‘out- out’ to the supermarket that much more fun. Drawn on the windows you will spot motivational quotes such as “After every storm comes a rainbow”, and with this feeling of positivity comes an urge to step inside…Here you will find Rhea, owner of this fabulous shop, waiting to greet you. The shop is beautifully curated, sparking curiosity and intrigue on every visit…


Did you know?

If you follow Handmade Nottingham, you will know that Rhea is a self-confessed Crazy Cat Lady, playing Mum to a beautiful 8-year-old tabby cat called Bella, who often frequents the shops Instagram stories.

Rhea is an avid coffee drinker and whenever possible will pop out to neighbours to grab a ‘to go’, be that from Kings Walk Kitchen, The Pudding Pantry, or 200 Degrees Coffee amongst others. If Rhea has time to stretch her legs, she also enjoys popping across the Market Square, to Effy on Houndsgate, where you can enjoy a shot of aesthetics with your Americano. Sometimes Rhea does not even have to leave the shop, as regular shoppers at Handmade Nottingham will often pop in to say hello with a cup o’ joe for her. That is just one of the quirks we love about Independents, their amazing ability to inspire a sense of community, togetherness, and positivity, which is welcome more now than ever before.

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Address: 8 King's Walk, Nottingham NG1 2AE


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