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Jam café

Tucked away in the heart of Hockley is a jewel, Jamcafé. A live music venue, craft beer bar and café. It’s one of those fabulous secret places where you feel part of something. Maybe that’s because the owner Bradley seems to know every single customer and greets each person with a knowing smile. Whatever it is- you’ll want to be a part of it.

Before Covid-19, Jamcafé hosted regular live bands, DJs and quiz nights, while at the same time serving some of the most interesting craft beers available. With one of the smallest dancefloors in Nottingham, it’s jam-packed full every weekend. However, in the week, it’s a much more laid back oasis of music, beer, coffee and wine. Some great bands and artists have played here over the years: Nadine Shah, Natalie Duncan, Sleaford Mods, Nina Smith, Jake Bugg, Tom Walker, and many more. When live music returns to the city, this is the place to ease you back in.

Fun  Facts:

Jamcafé has regularly brewed its own craft beer in collaboration with some of the best breweries in the UK. During the pandemic they’re offering craft beer delivery by bike. A 100% eco service, which we think is pretty cool.

Get in touch:

Facebook: @jamcafenottingham

Instagram: @jamcafe 

Image credit: Jam Cafe

Image credit: Jam Cafe

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