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Introducing… nkd ( )

nkd ( ) is a high- quality specialist waxing salon in the heart of Nottingham. It sits on Pelham Street, nestled between high street brands like Zara and the bohemian vibes of Hockley boasting cool vintage shops like We are COW. What first-time visitors to the salon can expect, is the least painful wax they will ever experience (and we are told that is a promise). This is achieved by combining the very best techniques with the very best products on the market. The techniques nkd ( ) use, are those that they have developed in house over the last 11 years of waxing many thousands of customers each year!

nkd ( ) Founder, Owner and Director Rebecca, had studied European Languages & Business at university, and had spent a few years living abroad, including in Italy, Spain, Brazil and Mexico. Rebecca used to work as a journalist and business analyst for the automotive industry, writing about the business of cars, 

commercial vehicles, and automotive components. She started her writing career working for a European Business magazine owned by Bernie Ecclestone, which had her travelling round various Formula One Grands Prix, interviewing various F1 sponsors on the Grid, which was fun and eye-opening in equal measure apparently! That was where the idea for the business started, discovering what a true wax was when living in Brazil in 1999/2000! On moving back to the UK she saw there was a real shortage of well- trained beauty therapists truly competent in the delicate art of intimate waxing, and so nkd ( ) was born. The first salon opened in Nottingham back in 2009 and they quickly realised that lashes and brows would complement their wax offering perfectly, so in 2015 they relocated to their current and far larger salon on Pelham St. Two years later and the business was ready to expand again, and Rebecca’s team excitedly opened another salon in the beautiful St. Martin Square in Leicester.


Image Credit: nkd ( )

Image Credit: nkd ( )


We asked Rebecca to explain what new customers can expect when they walk in to a nkd ( ) salon. Rebecca is extremely proud of her therapists’ ability to treat all kinds of clients confidently and compassionately, whatever their reasons for visiting, and for making everybody feel welcome, comfortable, and happy in their own skin. They have developed a “Wax Virgin” programme that has been specifically designed to put the minds of first- time customers at rest. They understand that individuals may be nervous about perceived pain and discomfort levels, as well as having lots of other questions such as “Will it be embarrassing for you or me?”, or “What if my body isn’t “normal”? and so on. The response; “these questions are perfectly understandable, we won’t bat an eyelid (and there’s no such thing as a “normal” body by the way!)” The Wax Virgin programme is designed to take all these first-time waxing worries and concerns into account. It is a 15-week treatment plan that involves 4 waxing treatments of your choice and over £50 worth of complementary products and services along the way. It is designed for anyone who is serious about getting the best long-term results from waxing. This means, smooth, hair-free skin for weeks on end and no ingrown hairs or other unsightly lumps and bumps.

Did you know?

As well as the two salons in Nottingham and Leicester, nkd ( ) also operate a national wax training academy which teaches other therapists and beauty salon owners from across the UK how to wax like the experts do. nkd ( ) the waxing school, is endorsed by wax supplier Perron Rigot, which is based in Paris, France. nkd ( ) is actually the flagship UK Salon Group for Perron Rigot waxes and nkd ( ) feel privileged to use this globally superior brand of wax for everything they do.

Rebecca’s final PAYE job, in her previous life in the automotive industry, was working as a press officer where she learned about the importance of customer loyalty and branding…the nkd ( ) logo is a bit naughty! If you look hard at the different animals, you should be able to work it out. The brackets they use in the name nkd ( ) are also indicative of something very relevant to their business (their most popular treatment is the female Hollywood / Brazilian wax). If you still cannot see it, look at the way the animals are positioned around the brackets and see if you can work out now what it depicts. nkd ( ) like to think that the logo is extremely representative of how they conduct themselves as a business. A little bit cheeky and a little bit naughty, with a big sense of humour, but always 100% professional.


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Address: 27 Pelham St, Nottingham NG1 2ED

Tel: 0115 775 0198



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