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Introducing Weavers Wine

On the crossroads of Castle Gate and Lister Gate in Nottingham city centre (you know, where Marks & Spencer is) stands an intriguing little shop. Weavers, an independent family run business, established in 1844, specialising in wine and spirits. (They also produce their own Castle Gate Gin which embraces the spirit of Nottingham and is infused with acorns foraged from Sherwood Forest.) The small but well stocked shop is a treasure trove that once you have stepped inside to see the shelves upon shelves of carefully selected bottles, takes your breath away. The staff are knowledgeable and passionate allowing for a personalised service that will steer you through the comprehensive range of wines, spirits and liqueurs on offer here.


Weavers is one of Nottingham’s oldest independent businesses and has been in the Trease family since 1897. We spoke to Philip, who runs Weavers, alongside his sister Mary and his father Alan, to learn more about the journey into the family business.

Weavers Wines receiving the It's in Nottingham Special Achievement Award as part of the Nottingham Independents campaign

Weavers Wines receiving the It's in Nottingham Special Achievement Award as part of the Nottingham Independents campaign

It comes as no surprise that Philip was born and bred in Nottingham and that his first job was at Weavers where he had a Saturday job, working over Christmas to help with the festive orders. However, Philip looked further afield for a university moving to Newcastle in the early 1990s to study Business Management. After his studies, Philip continued to live there and found work with a water company. Nottingham though seems to have a pull, a magnetic force that brings people back (whether they were born here or not) and it wasn’t long after, that Philip made the move back to Nottingham. He worked for Boots (we all know someone in Nottingham who has worked there!) before deciding to join the family business full-time in 1998. When we asked Philip about the range in store, he told us that Weavers stocks “the wines we like!” Finding quality, reliable sources and shipping direct from them, Weavers make sure to offer wines from all over the world, the best regions, and styles to suit all tastes and budgets.


“I like products that you want to drink again and again and that are also great value. I am passionate about Spain and Portugal and there are several estates that we work closely with in both countries. English sparkling is notable now, with wines from Nyetimber (a world-renowned producer based in the south of England) that are delicious.”


Did you know?

Weavers offer a large range of vegan wines. As we all know, wine is made from grapes, but did you know that isinglass (aka fish bladder), gelatine, egg white and milk protein are used in the fining (clarifying) and filtering stages of winemaking? Animal products are not always used though, alternatives such as pea protein or simply, time (leaving the wine long enough that molecules separate naturally) are a fantastic alternative. Worth noting that not all producers label their vegan wines as that as this can be costly. Stop by Weavers though and they will gladly point out the vegan options (of which there are many) as they endeavour to gather full information from producers, making your job of choosing the perfect wine even easier.


A day out in Nottingham

Why not pop into the city to visit Nottingham Castle, set to reopen on 21 June, this brand new, world-class visitor experience opens with an exhibition celebrating Nottingham fashion designer Sir Paul Smith. Whilst you’re in the area, we recommend walking the Georgian house- lined street of Castle Gate, along to the Paul Smith shop at Willoughby House. This stunning, five floor, Grade II listed building stocks the current collections and boasts a curious interior designed by Sir Paul. After a spot of shopping, head along the cobbled Bridlesmith Gate to traditional delicatessen Delilah. Based in an impressive old banking hall, it’s a stunning setting to pick out some beautiful food to

take home and host your own tapas style evening. Don’t forget to pick up a bottle or two from Weavers to compliment your menu. Nottingham’s bringing the holiday vibes to your own home this summer, through gorgeous food and drink.

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