Nottingham Lockdown - Everything you need to know

Nottingham has entered its second lockdown along with the rest of country. Here's all the important information you need for the next 4 weeks.

Core information:

Lockdown will begin on Thursday 5th November and is expected to end on Wednesday 2nd December. At this time the latest data will be assessed and the Government will release details on what will happen next. During lockdown, people are required to stay home where possible and only leave for essential activities. This includes activities such as food shopping, click and collect, essential work and education. To help stop the spread of the virus, meeting with people outside of your household to socialise is generally not allowed with the exception of support bubbles and some outdoor exercise activities.

Which businesses are open in the city centre?

Whilst some of the city's businesses have been forced to close under the new lockdown rules, many essential businesses remain open. These include food shops, supermarkets, banks, pharmacies, bike shops and many more. Numerous shops will also be offering a click and collect service, allowing you to quickly pickup items during lockdown. If you're missing your favourite restaurants then you'll be glad to know that a lot of them will remain open for delivery and take away. To make planning your journey into the city as easy as possible, we've created a digital map showing which businesses are open and where they are located in the city. Click the image below or HERE to get started.

Travel information:

Nottingham City Transport have confirmed that they will continue to operate all its advertised services and routes (you can plan your journey here). Nottingham Express Transit (trams) are also currently running as normal (plan your journey here). Please note that it is a legal requirement to wear a face mask at all times when using public transport.  

A message from It's in Nottingham...

Whilst it is absolutely necessary to help keep us all safe, lockdowns are an extremely difficult time for our city and the businesses who call it home. We ask that where possible, please help support our high street by purchasing your goods through city centre businesses. Whether it's stocking up on essentials, treating yourself to a tasty takeaway or Christmas shopping for loved ones via click and collect; it all helps.

Stay safe,

The It's in Nottingham team 

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