Nottingham restaurants that will satisfy your takeaway cravings

Not in the mood to cook tonight? Let someone else do it! Here are nine restaurants in Nottingham city centre who offer a delivery or takeaway service to satisfy your takeaway cravings. Place your order, put your feet up and relax!

Annie’s Burger Shack

Annie’s needs little introduction as they’re one of the most popular spots in the city for a great burger. Born and raised in the United States of America, Annie knows a thing or two bout creating an authentic burger that will leave your taste buds tingling. In this case, bigger is definitely better and you certainly won’t be left feeling hungry after consuming a meal here. It’s very reasonably priced for how much you get too. What’s more, is that nearly every item on the menu is available as vegan, vegetarian or meaty, so everyone can enjoy a tasty meal here.

Order Annie’s Burger Shack 



If you fancy some top quality Indian cooking, then you don’t need to look much further than Memsaab. The Sunday Times named it as one of the best Indian restaurants in the country! Memsaab offer up a delicious selection of perfectly spiced curries, as well as an abundance of tasty traditional sides and appetisers that are sure to hit the spot. 

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Inspired by Japanese and South-East Asia cuisine, Wagamama serve up a tasty selection of ramen, noodle dishes and tempura that never fail to impress. There’s a diverse selection of vegetarian, vegan and meat dishes available so you’ll never be short of options. We dare say that most people have probably tried the fine food at Wagamama, but if you are new to the experience then you won’t go wrong with their classic Chicken Kastu Curry (also available in a vegetarian version). 

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B Sweet

The mouth-watering desserts created by the talented team at B Sweet are sure to satisfy even the most demanding sweet tooth. From Biscoff pancakes to rich chocolate fudge cake and creamy gelato; B Sweet deliver on every occasion. The friendly staff here are extremely passionate about their food and you can really tell. From the first bite to the last, a dessert from B Sweet will transport you to sugary heaven. 

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If it wasn’t obvious from their name, Sushimania have one of, if not the largest selection of quality Sushi dishes in Nottingham - and they’re all delicious! The variety here often feels limitless and one of the hardest parts of ordering from Sushimania is deciding what to have. Whilst Sushi is definitely the specialty menu item, you’ll also find kushiyaki skewers, delicate tempuras, and tasty noodle dishes. Get the chopsticks out and tuck in! 

Order Sushimania


Turtle Bay

Turtle Bay get a lot right. It’s not often you find a restaurant known just as well for its cocktails as their food but it is certainly the case at this Caribbean inspired venue. Within the flavour packed menu you’ll find favourites such as jerk chicken, baby back ribs as well as a fine selection of well spiced curries and more. If you’d prefer something a little lighter the Beach Salads are a good choice. Finish strong with one the 5 dessert options available - The chilli chocolate brownie is a must try for the more adventurous. 

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Ed’s Easy Diner

Ed’s brings the experience of a classic American diner to your home. Think thick creamy milkshakes, juicy burgers, spicy chicken wings and more. If you’re on the hunt of a filling meal that doesn’t compromise quantity for quality then their gigantic hot dogs are a must try. Make sure to add ketchup and mustard for that traditional American flavour. Hot dogs not your thing? How about a kilogram of buffalo wings with blue cheese dip? No matter what you go with, we’re confident you’ll be happy with your USA inspired feast.

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Wok & Go

Wok & Go are a perfect example of taking a singular concept and just doing it really, really well. The meals here are filling, delicious and well cooked. There are a good few options to choose from including seafood, pad thai, and the classic combo box which consists of a little bit of everything. Wok & Go take all the best flavours from South-East Asian and blend them together to create an extremely tasty result. The neat little boxes they use for containers are clearly inspired by the Chinese takeaway restaurants in America and make a nice change from the plastic and foil containers used by a lot of other places. It’s the small things, ya’know?


Suede Pizza

We couldn’t do an article about takeaway food without including pizza! Suede set up shop a few years back now but have quickly become one of Nottingham’s favourite spots for top notch pizza. The topping options are plentiful an each pizza is cooked to literal perfection. If you’re a deep crust fan then you’ll need to look else where as Suede stick to the traditional thin base, but you’d be missing out not to give it a go! One slice of melted cheesy goodness here will quickly leave you re-evaluating your pizza standards for the better.

None of the above what you were looking for? Take a peek at our digital maps for a full list of restaurants in Nottingham who are currently offering collection and delivery services. Click HERE to get started.


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