Unusual Christmas Gifts

Think outside the box for your Christmas shopping this year with these unusual gifts from retailers in Nottingham city centre. From hard-to-find imported items to crafting kits and more; these gifts ideas will keep your loved ones guessing no matter how many times they give the box a shake!

Ice Nine - Hand made Turkish Mosaic Lamps

Ice Nine is home to all sorts of wonderful and quirky items. You never quite know what you’ll discover in there no matter how many times you visit. These beautiful Turkish Mosaic Lamps are certainly no exception and will make a great talking point for any home. The fact they’re hand made is a nice touch and adds a unique element as no two lamps will be identical. If you know someone who would love to find one of these under the tree, then head to Hockley and shop away.

Find Ice Nine here


Hand made Turkish Mosaic Lamps - Photo Credit: ICE NINE

Hand made Turkish Mosaic Lamps - Photo Credit: ICE NINE

HMV - Pokemon Ocean Bomb Sparkling Water

HMV seems like an unlikely place to find interesting food products, but it definitely adds to the unusual part of this blog! Pokemon is beloved by millions all over the world and its range of merchandise is practically endless. This sparkling water is not only tasty, but is sure to put a big smile on any Pokemon fans face. There’s no way they’ll expect to find a can of this nestled away in their stocking on Christmas morning.

Buy from HMV here


Pokemon Ocean Bomb Sparkling Water - Photo Credit: HMV

Pokemon Ocean Bomb Sparkling Water - Photo Credit: HMV

NKD Waxing - Gift Card for waxing treatments

The things we do to look our best! Few provide better results than the friendly team at NKD Waxing. It’s all about definition and detail here, so if you have a friend or loved one who appreciates a pair of on-point eyebrows then this could be a great gift. The good thing about gifting them a voucher rather than booking in an appointment, is it means they can use it when they need it most.

Find NKD Waxing here


The Bead Shop - Semi-precious Stone Jewellery Kit

The Bead Shop is a haven for creatives and those who enjoy crafting. This kit would make an ideal gift for those looking for a new hobby or with an interest in creating their own Jewellery business in the future. The Bead Shop are always happy to offer helpful tips and advice if the receiver of the gift needs a little help to get them started. With a little practice you’re loved one or friend should be creating beautiful jewellery in no time!

Find The Bead Shop here


Jewellery Making Kit - Photo Credit: THE BEAD SHOP

Jewellery Making Kit - Photo Credit: THE BEAD SHOP

Forbidden Planet Nottingham - Manga Series and Collectables

Forbidden have one of the largest collections of Japanese Manga in Nottingham and are also home to an abundance of rare collectables from anime and popular science fiction movies/shows. You’re likely to discover some real treasures here, including rare Star Wars, Dr Who and Dragon Ball Z merchandise that you’d struggled to find elsewhere. If you happen to be shopping for someone with a few ‘geeky’ interests then this is the place to go.

Find Forbidden Planet here


The 3 Store (Long Row) - Unlimited Sim Card Deal

Nearly everyone has a mobile phone these days. They’ve certainly become an essential part of day to day life for most of us and there’s nothing worse than running out of data or minutes. That’s why this Unlimited Sim Card from The 3 Store will make a delightful little stocking filler this Christmas. It may not be the most flashy gift but it will certainly be appreciated! The starting price is just £11 which makes it a pretty affordable gift for most and will definitely come in handy for those who spend a lot of time on their phone.

Find Three Long Row here


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