Why the new vegan Steak Bake from Greggs might surprise you

We tried the new vegan Steak Bake from Greggs to find out if it really lives up to the hype

It’s been just over a year since Greggs first introduced their highly successful vegan sausage roll to the UK. Its tasty flavour and authentic flakey texture impressed people on both sides of the dietary fence and even saw some long standing carnivores permanently switching over to the vegan alternative. With the arrival of 2020, Greggs have gone a step further and unveiled the brand new vegan Steak Bake. Now, creating a vegan sausage roll is one thing but how does one go about creating a vegan version of a product that’s traditionally filed with steak and meaty gravy? We gave one a try.

Now before we go on, it’s worth noting that this writer isn’t a vegan. In fact, it was probably only a few days ago that a ‘traditional’ (for lack of a better word) Steak Bake was enjoyed on the way around the post-Christmas sales. With that in mind, we’ll be comparing the new vegan creation against its meat filled counterpart.

Vegan Steak Bake - Greggs

Vegan Steak Bake - Greggs

On first impression, we have to admit that we weren’t that impressed. The pastry looked a little dry when sat next to the non-vegan options in the display. No matter, we went through a similar thought process with the sausage roll last year and that turned out be be great. We felt more hopeful as the lady serving us praised the new product to her co-worker as she handled our order - “I don’t like any vegan stuff but I prefer this to the normal one”… Sounds promising?

Back to the office for the moment of truth. Can a vegan Steak Bake taste as good as the real thing? The answer is a resounding yes. It might even taste better? All our doubts rushed away as we sunk our teeth in for that first bite. At this point we genuinely thought that we may have purchased the meat version because you’d be that hard pushed to tell the difference. Whatever magic Greggs have used to create this gravy, it’s definitely done the trick and the Quorn does an excellent job of replacing the steak. Potentially the only thing that stops it from being absolutely perfect is the pastry. Not that it isn’t exceptionally good given that it probably only contains half the ingredients you need to make pastry but we’d still pick traditional pastry given the option.

Overall, Greggs have done it again. Despite our doubts, they’ve managed to create a vegan Steak Bake that not only stands its ground against the traditional one but who knows… may even replace it one day?

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