Wise Owl Walk statues return to Nottingham

All ten of the popular pieces of art will be landing in Nottingham Train Station - but only for a limited time.

Starting from Friday 3rd September, you'll be able to catch all ten of the owls from The Wise Owl Walk at their temporary new home in Nottingham Train Station. If you missed The Wise Owl Walk the first time around, let us catch you up. 

The Wise Owl Walk was a free trail spanning throughout Nottingham City centre. The goal was to find all the Wise Owls which were placed around the city, ready to be discovered. Every Wise Owl is completely unique and was designed by a roster of talented artists sourced by the friendly team at Wild in Art. As well and locating the owls, participants were also challenged to unravel a secret code by looking out for a special letter found on the plaque of each statue which, when put together, spelt our a phrase. 


All ten owls, each one unique with a Nottingham themed name, will be on display under the cover of the main foyer, leading into the tram terminus at Nottingham Train Station from Friday 3 September to Sunday 3 October 2021, providing a cheerful welcome for visitors, daily commuters and to those visiting the city for The Nottingham Ale Trail.

The name of the owls are:

  • The Sheriff of Nottinghoot
  • Mrs Bramley Southowl
  • Carousowl
  • Ey Up Duck!
  • Lacey
  • Little John
  • Sherwood the Wise Owl
  • Rock Chick
  • Goose Fair
  • Raleigh Apple

This may be the last time the owls are ever displayed so be sure to pop by and see them if you missed out last time. 


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