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We've been busy working to make Nottingham city centre a safe and welcoming environment for everyone following the reopening of non-essential business on 15th June.


Please be aware that Nottingham is now in lockdown as of Thursday 5th November. If you are visiting the city for essential shopping or work then you may still find much of the safety guidance below useful. For more information about lockdown in Nottingham click HERE. 

Returning to Nottingham

With many of Nottingham's high-street businesses now reopened and our amazing community visiting the city centre again; it's important for this to continue in a way that puts everyone's safety and wellbeing first. To do our bit to help make this possible, we've created a messaging campaign throughout the city centre that encourages social distancing and safe, sensible ways to make your way around.

Keep left when walking

An easy and efficient way to maintain social distancing when traversing the city is by keeping to your left when walking. If you've ever visited London before then you will most likely be familiar with this system already. By adopting this system, it greatly reduces the chances of bumping into another person head-on when walking. Very soon we will be installing floor signs on some of the city's busiest streets to remind people to keep left where possible. Please do your part by looking out for them and following the advice when you can. 

Social distancing

At the time of writing, the current government guidelines are to practice social distancing by keeping at least 2 metres apart from other people. If you are visiting the city then it is important to make a conscious effort to social distance where possible. You may notice our blue signs around the city encouraging social distancing. These are a friendly reminder from us, to you. Thanks for your help! 

Supporting businesses to open safely

To help support business to reopen as safely as possible, It's in Nottingham provided many of the city's business owners with floor signage, hand sanitiser, safety posters and other helpful items. If you plan on visiting Nottingham to shop, look out for blue signs before entering shops as they will show handy information such as where to queue. Once inside, you may also find useful guidance regarding one way systems, if the shop is accepting cash and other particulars. By looking out for, and following these signs, you will be enabling our city's businesses to operate as safely as they can. 

Face masks

  • Please note that as of 15th June 2020, face masks must be worn when travelling on Public transport. 

  • As per the latest government announcements, face mask must also be worn when visiting shops as of 24th July 2020. Those caught not following the rules can be refused entry by businesses and may be fine £100 by the police. Children under 11 and those with certain disabilities will be exempt.


Welcome back, Nottingham.

We'll be sure to update you as and when more safety features are added to the city centre.  

This campaign has been created in partnership with Nottingham City Council.

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