Foodie Tour

You love food don’t you? Of course you do! Everybody loves food, but sometimes the wealth of choice in Nottingham can seem overwhelming. It feels like you could never visit everywhere that interests you. That’s why we think you should try a Foodie Tour.

Make a day out of it and visit the city for a taste at breakfast, lunch and dinner - oh and don’t forget coffee and an afternoon treat! If you eat through Nottingham at this rate, you’ll visit the whole city in no time.

Below is a suggested day of eclectic tastes and delights, but don’t be afraid to try anywhere in the city that takes your fancy!

Annie’s Burger Shack breakfast:

Start the day off right with a gluttonous meal at Annie’s Burger Shack from their devilish breakfast menu featuring pancakes, fry-ups and much more.

200 Degrees coffee:

An independent venue so beloved that it has two locations in the city already. Grab one of their famous coffees and maybe one of their selection of tasty snacks if you aren’t already stuffed.

Tamatanga lunch:

With a modern, professional interior and a huge variety of items on their urban-Indian cuisine themed menu, you would be forgiven for mistaking Tamatanga as a chain. Yet, despite it’s pristine aesthetic, this restaurant’s heart is independent to the core.

A visit to The Cheese Shop:

Cheese is amazing, it’s a well known fact. Visit this independent family run delicatessen, specialising in the wonders of cheese. With a wealth of options including British and continental varieties you won’t leave disappointed.

Zaap dinner:

Quickly becoming a Nottingham favourite, this Thai restaurant has an unmistakably quirky interior and a large selection of dishes, along with authentic Thai puddings if you still aren’t quite stuffed to the gills yet!