The Best Places to Grab a Coffee in Nottingham City Centre

Posted on: 29 September 2017

We’ve bean brewing the top coffee spots in Nottingham city centre for a while and now it’s time to say ‘thanks a latte’ to some of our city’s brew-tiful java gems, plus find out a little more about the teams behind your favourite espresso beans... 

Outpost - Stoney Street

Outpost are Nottingham's specialty coffee roasters and their cafe has been providing the Hockley area with incredible coffee since July 2016. It's owned and operated by a small but dedicated team, Greg, Harley, Chris and Brad, all of whom are very serious about their coffee, but put a huge emphasis on great customer service with a smile. The team chose to champion specialty coffee in Nottingham because few were doing it (other than Wired, big shout out to the trail blazers!) and the people were crying out for quality.

Recommended coffee: One of their batch brews, which changes daily and is only £2 OR you can order something really special and go for one of their 'flights' - multiple origins brewed in a number of ways, allowing you to compare and contrast between espresso, filter and a silky milk option -  and only £5!

Dolcino - Beastmarket Hill

Dolcino is located in the very heart of Nottingham with views over Old Market Square from the first floor, so you can sip your coffee watching the world go by. It's owned by the Arcadio family who used to own successful coffee bars in Rome before moving to the UK to continue working in the coffee trade 20 years ago.  Good Italian coffee is important to them, which is why they roast their own coffee beans on site in Nottingham.

Recommended coffee: Owner Kirsten Arcadio makes a mean flat white. She uses it as a test for staff who complete their thorough barista training as it requires a superior knowledge of how to operate the coffee machine and get the steamed milk running consistently through the espresso whilst preserving the crema.

Wired - Carlton Street 

Wired is a hub of activity! People work from, here meet friends here, sit on their own and read our newspapers or magazines, it’s a place to feel comfortable and just be.  Started in 2013 by Très and Vanessa, WIRED is the realization of a personal dream to bring the East London coffee scene to Nottingham.  Influenced by their travels through Australia and beyond, Wired is an oasis of friendly knowledgeable staff, the best coffee sourced from Allpress Espresso and a great little breakfast and lunch menu. They have an extensive coffee menu and at least two different single origin beans on our Chemex brew bar.

Recommended coffee: We’re feeling all cosy in the office and can’t quite get enough of their seasonal Salted Caramel Cappuccino crunch – a sweet, salted caramel cream topped extravaganza with extra caramel crunchy bits for £3.65

The Coffee House of Nottingham - Hurts Yard

This hidden gem has been open for five years, but was taken over 6 months ago by Brazilian couple Alder Santos and Anna Natalio after they bought it on Ebay!  The couple bought the lease to The Coffee House when it went on sale online priced at £20,000, and the shop made the top 3 in our independent business awards in 2016. They serve coffee from all over the world and 10 different house coffees too!

Recommended coffee:  The super-premium Jamaican Blue Mountainis known as one of the finest and best coffees in the world, which is noted for its mild flavour and subtle sweetness combined with an elegant structured body and lack of bitterness. Pop in for prices.

Specialty Coffee Shop - Friar Lane 

Say hello to the winners of the best Nottingham independent business 2017! Lucy and Michelangelo, a passionate couple from Italy in love with coffee, moved to London six years ago where they decided to open their first coffee consultancy business. In 2014, they traveled to Costa Rica to volunteer for the El Toledo Organic Coffee Farm and experience for themselves what real coffee production means. They chose Nottingham because they saw massive potential for the Specialty Coffee scene, and they weren’t wrong!

Recommended coffee: When visiting the store we highly recommend trying some of their unique coffee from Gardelli, an Italian Champion Roster they've been working with over 5 months now, a cup can vary from £2 to £3.

Cafe Sobar - Friar Lane 

Opened in January 2014 by Double Impact, the Nottingham-based drug and alcohol recovery charity Café Sobar is one of a kind: a vibrant and welcoming alcohol-free environment offering something for everyone. Named as one of Nottingham's Top 10 bars by The Culture Trip, the café-bar venue is a refreshing alternative to mainstream bars and restaurants. The initial idea for Café Sobar came from the users of Double Impact services, who found that one of the main barriers to their recovery was social isolation and the lack of places to go that are alcohol-free, particularly in the evenings and at weekends.

Recommended coffee: They’re all so tasty thanks to 200 Degrees! With the winter months fast approaching they’d definitely recommend our Gingerbread Latte for just £2.90!

Cartwheel Cafe and Roastery - Low Pavement 

Cartwheel is the culmination of many years of experience in the coffee industry for owner Alex Bitsios-Esposito, as a cafe owner, a barista trainer, a coffee roaster and a green coffee buyer. They are an independent cafe owned by Alex and his wife, Becci, who opened the cafe in June 2016 with the intention of fusing modern healthy food (sort of brunch style) and excellent coffee together; most places usually do just one of those two things well. But Cartwheel got it right and were crowned the best cafe at the Nottingham Post Food and Drink Awards 2017. 

Alex chose Nottingham because he has a passion for the city and has lived here since he was 3. He felt the coffee market was saturated with cheap commodity-grade coffee and the people of Nottingham were missing out on something better!

Recommended coffee: Top of Alex's list is the Kenya Karimikui AA, which is hand-brewed as a pour-over. It's refreshing, citrusy and costs just £3.50.

Fox Cafe: 

Located on Pelham street, Fox Cafe’s inviting interior and friendly staff will have you wondering why you haven’t always come here for coffee. As well as a great selection of coffee to choose from, you’ll also be struggling to decide which dish to try from their fantastic food menu. It’s also worth noting that vegetarian and vegan options are plentiful here, so there's always something for everyone.

Recommended coffee: While there's plenty of choice, sometimes you just can’t go wrong with a traditional Latte. 



After an intense and VERY close competition we can finally meet the winners on Nottingham's 2019 Best Bar None! 


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