Nottingham Favourite The Treat Kitchen Collaborates with The Amazing Chocolate Workshop to Expand Chocolate Offering

Posted on: 23 March 2017

Award winning independent confectionery haven, The Treat Kitchen are pleased to announce they are collaborating with The Amazing Chocolate Workshop to bring a new range of novelty gourmet chocolates to their store/ 

The Amazing Chocolate Workshop are fellow Nottinghamshire based chocolatiers who supply their own, unique range of gourmet Italian chocolate in iconic and well-loved shapes. Each product is so carefully hand crafted and detailed that people struggle to believe they are made from real chocolate.

The Amazing Chocolate Workshop’s range includes quirky options such as chocolate lipsticks, chocolate scissors, chocolate corkscrews, chocolate cheese and chocolate paintbrushes. For Mother’s Day they have also created a special range of gift ideas including red and white chocolate roses.

Try out the range at The Treat Kitchen's Wheeler Gate store.