6 Nottingham Locations Fit For The New Royal Couple

Posted on: 29 November 2017

We've been practicing our royal wave ever since we heard that Prince Harry and Meghan Markle were coming to Nottingham on Friday 1st December, and we've put together 6 places fit for a royal visit in Nottingham city centre.  

1. King and Queen Street

Ok, ok so we know they won't be king and queen any time soon but that doesn't mean they wouldn't enjoy the delights that these royally named streets have to offer. We can see it now - Harry ordering a large cod and chips at George's Great British Kitchen while Meghan sips on a candy floss cocktail and admires her engagement ring, or perhaps they would enjoy strolling hand in hand (with 100 security men in tow) with a tasty burrito from Barburrito

2. The Theatre Royal

You can see where we are going with this but would it be a royal visit without taking in a show or a sneak peak at the pantomime at The Theatre Royal? Oh no it wouldn't! They could also enjoy a tasty craft beer (Harry strikes us as the beer type) at the new Yarn Bar too. 

3. Annie's Burger Shack

If Meghan is missing all things American then where better to go than Annie's Burger Shack on Broadway. Harry could treat her to a Sunday Dinner Burger and get her used to the traditional Sunday roast us Brits love so much, or maybe they'd like to break the rules of tradition and enjoy The Elvis Burger which comes with peanut butter and jam! (Add that to your wedding dinner menu Hazza...) 

4. The Beauty Temple 

This beauty spa in the city centre is fit for royalty and even has a Royal Service menu complete with choice of room fragrance, tipples and snacks. Meghan strikes us as the type of girl who loves to pamper herself, and The Beauty Temple offer everything from hot stone massages to glitter ball foot treatments. Plus Harry can sit back and enjoy eyebrow threading or a facial before the big day.

5. Doughnotts

Harry liked it so he put a ring on it, but we think the amazing flavours at Doughnotts may top the sparkly gem currently sat on Meghan's finger. They could certainly splash out and stock up on their premium doughnuts, which include Vegan Cherry Bakewell and Lemon Meringue Pie. They also create bespoke orders - perfect for wedding favours eh?

6. Dukki and Made in Nottingham

Can you really visit Nottingham and not take home some gret merch meh dukkeh? We think Harry and Meghan would love learning all about the local Nottingham lingo and could pick up a few tips and top gifts from Dukki on St James' Street. Harry is a huge fan of Nottingham (Erm... he told us once)  so we know he would enjoy the creative delights waiting at the fab Made in Nottingham in intu Broadmarsh. 


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