5 Essential Things Every New Student Should Do In Nottingham

Posted on: 25 September 2018

Congratulations on moving to Nottingham! 

Home to the famous Robin Hood, Nottingham has plenty to do and see for new students embarking on their first year at university. You’ve probably already noticed a few intriguing glimpses of life in Nottingham’s busy city centre and can’t wait to explore further - but where to start? Here are five absolutely essential things every new student should do in Nottingham. 

1. Meet someone at the Left Lion

Walk through the square at nearly any time of day and you’ll most likely see groups of people lingering about one of the lions outside the council house. Why? Well it’s essentially Nottingham’s official meet up spot. Arrange to meet anyone from Notts and we can almost guarantee the left lion is where they’ll suggest to rendezvous. It may seem like an odd tradition but give it a try! You’ll be feeling like a local in no time. 

2. Take a selfie with the Robin Hood statue

Taking a selfie with the Robin Hood statue by Nottingham Castle is an absolute must for anyone new to Nottingham. Locals and tourists alike have pretty much been taking part in this tradition since cameras were made affordable to the general public (before smartphones people had to take photographs with actual cameras, weird right?). Show off your new city to friends and family back home and then pop into one of the surrounding pubs for a cheeky drink.

3. Go to a gig

Rock fan? Maybe you prefer a little jazz or dancing the night away to the beats of an amazing DJ? From cosy shows with up and coming artists to sell out Ariana Grande sets at the arena, Nottingham has it all. Home to the award winning Rock City, the superstar hosting Motorpoint Arena and an abundance of smaller intimate venues, it won’t be hard to find your perfect vibe. If clubs are more your thing then not only do we have a variety to choose from but you can rest assured you’ll have a safe night out knowing Nottingham is Purple Flag accredited. 

4. Go see a Panthers game

There’s nothing like throwing on your hockey jersey and heading into town to watch the Nottingham Panthers battle it out with a visiting team. In fact, it’s so popular with the locals that they’ve been going to watch games since 1946 when the team was originally founded. Hosted at the Motorpoint Arena, you’ll instantly fall in love with the exciting atmosphere that comes with watching a Nottingham Panthers ice hockey game.

5. Take a tour in Nottingham’s underground caves 

If you really want to get to know Nottingham then you’ll need to dig a little deeper. Believe it or not, Nottingham is home to a vast underground network of caves with many located underneath the streets of the city centre. With over 700 (and counting) currently mapped out and an abundance of local tours available throughout the city, it’s fantastic way to sink your teeth into some of Nottingham’s rich history.