Five Dessert Flavoured Cocktails You Will Only Find At Nottingham Cocktail Week

Posted on: 13 August 2018

We’ve all been there. You go out for a lovely meal with a few of your friends and upon polishing off your main, the waiter/waitress asks the question you’ve all been waiting for... “Dessert?”. This is the part where despite everyone wanting a bit of pud, you all politely decline and glance around the room to see if anyone will crack. Every now and then, a hero speaks up and opens the sociably acceptable flood gates but let's face it, it doesn’t happen anywhere often enough. Before you know it you’re off out for a few drinks in town and dessert is just a distance memory. 

Well dessert lovers rejoice because Nottingham Cocktail Week might just be the answer to all your sugary prayers. We’ve put together a sweet little list of some of the amazing dessert flavoured cocktails you’ll be able to find exclusively during Nottingham Cocktail Week. 

Be At One / Studio Chocolate

Cocoa Cabana - £5.00

One for the chocolate lovers out there, this Collaboration Cocktail is bought to you by Be At One and the talented chocolate-tiers at Studio Chocolate. This indulgent cocktail includes chocolate ganache, Sailor Jerries, vanilla syrup and an ice cream set. Completed with a slab of Studio Chocolate, this ones no doubt a winner for chocolate lovers. 

Chino Latino 

Choccingham Forest - £7.50

Vodka, Baileys, Frangellico and Menthe liqueur. If you know your flavours then you’ll also know mixing these specific drinks together creates something rather special. Now we can’t say the product we’re thinking of but a certain bubbly textured mint chocolate bar might give you a clue as to what to expect from this one. 

Revolution Cornerhouse

Torvill and Dean Ice Cream Dream - £8.50

Live the dream with this fruity, ice cream cocktail. Not only do you get an entire ice cream dunked in your cocktail but the hand crafted Revolution Vodka will go down an absolute treat when paired with a tangy passionfruit puree and pineapple juice. What more could a dessert lover ask for?

Red Dog Saloon

Reserved Bakewell -  £7.50

A cocktail that tastes like a Bakewell Tart? Sign us up! Made using Evans Cherry Reserve, Disaronno, cranberry, lemon juice, flamed egg white and topped with a sweet cherry. We’re confident that this one will satisfy even the most demanding sweet tooth. 

Cookie Shake Bar

The Cartel Martini - £7.50

One for the people who prefer a slightly more defined dessert. This coffee flavoured Martini will hit the spot using a perfect balance of espresso, Cuervo tequila and Kalhua coffee liquor. Sweetened with a hint of Caramel Monin, The Cartel Martini is the perfect drink for coffee and dessert enthusiasts alike. 

Don't forget you can find all these amazing cocktails as well as nearly over a hundred more all throughout Nottingham Cocktail Week. Why not click HERE and see the full digital menu?