Nottingham Cocktail Week Battle Of The Bars Competition Results

Posted on: 13 September 2018

With over 100 fantastic cocktails entered into Nottingham Cocktail Week, you’d be forgiven for struggling to pick a favourite. However that’s the exact task we set for the three judges at Nottingham Cocktail Week’s Battle Of The Bars event. Entries from 53 bars were meticulously narrowed down until we were left with the best of the best, the cream of the crop, the Einsteins of cocktail creation. 

How the competition works: 

The competition is open to any bar based in the city centre who wants to take part in Nottingham Cocktail Week. Each bar is given the opportunity to create one drink for each of the following categories:

  • Twist On A Classic cocktails 
  • Nottingham Themed cocktails
  • Collaboration cocktails 

The judges then have the difficult task of assessing every cocktail entered into the competition based on taste, looks, ingredients and creativity. Once the judges have narrowed down their favourites, the finalists are then invited to a contest where they battle it out to be have their drink crowned as the winner. Now you know the rules, take a look at the 2018 finalists.

Twist On A Classic Finalists: 

• Chino Latino – Flight of the Bees 

• Curious Manor – Watermelon Daiquiri 

• Harts – Hart of a Lion

Nottingham Themed Finalists: 

• Curious Manor - Cherry Bendigo 

• Pitcher & Piano – Sheriff Bison 

• Hilton Nottingham – Black Forest Martini

Collaboration Themed Finalists: 

• Bar Iberico/J Starkey Fruit Juices – Summer at Starkey’s 

• Boilermaker/Left Lion – LeftLimon 

• Revolucion de Cuba/Ann Summer’s – Anne’s Naughty Cuban Summer

The contest:

Encouraged by a fantastic audience of colleagues and cocktail enthusiasts, the finalists took to the bar and began the battle for a spot at the top of Nottingham’s cocktail scene. The judges looked on intently being sure not to give anything away as the contenders put their talents to work behind the bar. 

Seemingly not phased by the the intense glare of the judges, every contestant effortlessly created and presented their concoctions on behalf of their respective bars. Anyone would think they make cocktails for a living?

After tasting each drink and asking a few questions about the inspirations, ingredients and reasoning for using said ingredients. The judges headed off to face their most challenging task of the night - picking the winners.

The results: 

After a competitive contest and some close calls by the judges, the results were in. See below to find out who won: 

Twist On A Classic Winner: Harts – Hart of a Lion

Nottingham Themed Winner: Curious Manor - Cherry Bendigo

Collaboration Winner: Bar Iberico/J Starkey Fruit Juices – Summer at Starkey’s

Overall Winner: Bar Iberico/J Starkey Fruit Juices – Summer at Starkey’s