The World Cup Is Here!

Posted on: 14 June 2018

Red cards, near misses, early departures, unexpected successes and of course… THE GOALS! There’s no doubt that the World Cup is the ultimate event for any football fan. That’s why we’ve put together a list of great places to watch the footy this summer.  


The Australian themed bar might be the new kids on the block but they’re not pulling any punches with their commitment to providing an all out World Cup experience. With over 30 televisions throughout the building including a monster 65 inch screen in the beer garden and three projector screens inside, you’re sure to have a great view of the match at all times. The recently installed astroturf is all a nice touch and the great selection of drinks means you could be on to a winner with OZ Bar.


As far as places to watch the World Cup go, Southbank Bar are a strong choice. With an abundance of televisions to pick from and a brand new beer garden being built just in time for the World Cup, you’d be kicking yourself not to watch at least one match here (if not all of them!). 


A sports bar through and through, Shooters are no strangers to showing all the big matches. What might give them the edge in the competition to be your official World Cup hang out spot is the ability to book a VIP table in advance. Getting the perfect spot in front of the big screen can make all the difference. Shooters impressively large menu might also come into play when making your choice on where to go as half time snacks are a must! 


It might be the smallest out of all the bars mentioned but it makes up for it in character! Anyone who’s ever watched any kind of sport at Horn In Hand will tell you that the atmosphere in there is hard to find anywhere else. Before you know it you’ll be inducted into a family of football fanatics, anxiously waiting as the last few seconds count down on the clock. There’s also a good selection of beers, including some tasty IPA offerings and a great food menu. Pop in for a match and you’ll see what we’re talking about. 


Are you a score predicting guru and fancy your chances in a bet? If so then maybe the Grosvenor Casino is the place to set up camp for your World Cup month. With a variety of daily offers on bets and a tempting deal of four Budweisers for £10, this makes a great choice of venue. They’re also offering a stamp system for England matches between the 18th and 28th of July. Collect a stamp on every visit and receive up to £85 in Lucky Numbers Roulette. We’re thinking the odds are pretty good that you’ll enjoy it here. 


Whilst a lot of us can’t get enough of the football, it’s fair to say that it’s not for everyone. Das Kino have taken this on board and found a unique compromise that’s sure to make everyone happy. If you’re a football fanatic then pick up a headset on the way in and enjoy the match silent disco style (yup! you’ll actually be able to hear the commentary for once). The idea is that everyone who isn’t a footy fan should then be able to hang out as usual; clever right? Football fan or not, you can’t go wrong with Das Kino as your go to bar whilst the footballs on. 



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