You Saw it Here First! Six Businesses Who Made a Name for Themselves in Nottingham

Posted on: 27 February 2018

Home to two world class Universities, several international sports teams and more creative talent than you can shake a stick at, there’s no surprise that Nottingham is also home to many successful start up businesses. Here we give you a run down of some of the well-known and up-and-coming names who found their feet in our fair city!

Paul Smith

Arguably Nottingham’s most stylish son, Paul Smith is an international fashion icon. Born in Beeston and starting out with one shop just off Bridlesmith Gate in the 1970s, Sir Paul has grown his fashion empire to over 300 stores worldwide. Sir Paul was even knighted by the queen for his services to fashion in 2000! The style of Paul Smith can still be felt in the city, from the impressive signature shop on Middle Pavement to the specially designed Paul Smith cinema seats in nearby Broadway cinema.

Bistrot Pierre

Nottingham hasn’t only contributed to the country’s style and fashion industry, the city is also a leader in great value French bistrot cooking. The relaxed and well-known Bistrot Pierre opened their first restaurant on Milton Street in 1994. Bistrot Pierre now have 22 restaurants, serving provincial and authentic French cuisine up and down the country.

200 Degrees

An obsession with creating the best cup of coffee turned into a new business in 2012 when 200 Degrees was born. Evolving from a small roaster in a garage, 200 Degrees now has coffee shops in Birmingham, Leeds, Leicester and Cardiff, as well as a wholesale business which sends their coffee throughout the country.  Not only was the first coffee shop located just off Old Market Square, but the beans themselves are roasted near the banks of the River Trent. It doesn’t get much more Nottingham than that!


Although a relative newcomer after opening their first store in Nottingham at the end of 2015, Doughnotts (formerly The Nottingham Doughnut Co.) opened up a new store in Derby last year and have very recently opened up a new store in Leicester. Starting out selling doughnuts at local markets, Doughnotts now sells in excess of 7,000 a week and has tens of thousands of fans who like their hunger inducing treats on social media.

The Treat Kitchen

Another business which proves that Nottingham has a great big sweet tooth is The Treat Kitchen – a confectionery emporium located on Wheeler Gate where the sweets are the stars of the show. Not only did The Treat Kitchen win Nottingham’s Top Independent competition in 2015, but they’ve recently made it into the national newspapers for all the right reasons as their gin and tonic flavoured Easter egg has been hitting the headlines.

And not forgetting… Boots

Boots has come a long was since it’s early days in Nottingham, and the newly refurbished store in intu Victoria Centre is only a short walk from where the first store was established on Goosegate in the 1800s.  Growing from a tiny herbalist store, Boots is now the best known destination for health and beauty products, from nail polish to vitamins and everything in between. 

With a city full of entrepreneurial spirit and success stories ranging from 19th century to the present day, which Nottingham independent business do you think will be the next to become a household name? 

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