10 events to get you started at UK Young Artist City Takeover

Posted on: 30 January 2019

UK Young Artist City Takeover comes to Nottingham from the 7th - 13th February and with 250 artists from 25 countries to choose from, it’s sure to be one of this years  unmissable events. As the event draws closer we thought we’d share our top picks with you as a starting guide on who not miss throughout the week. Read on to find out more. 

1. The Angel Microbrewery - Aja Ireland 

Discover a new way to explore Nottingham’s famous underground caves with Aja Ireland’s fascinating and engaging workshop. Aja will demonstrate how to capture and record environmental sounds generated within the caves underneath The Angel Microbrewery. 

You’ll then learn how to manipulate and transform your recordings into ambient , drone and noise textures using industry standard recording software before being given the chance to experiment. By the end of the session you’ll be creating your very own unique sounds.  

When: 5pm - 7pm Sunday 10th February 

2. Broadway Cinema - UKYA short films 

Love cinema? Grab some popcorn and settle in at Broadway Cinema for a day of exceptional short films from emerging national and International film makers. With 8 films to dive into from artists such as James D Hopkins, Ka Ki Wong, Vikesh Govind and many more; there’s sure to be something for everyone. Get that film festival experience right on your door step with a day of thought-provoking cinematic art. 

When:  10am - 6pm Saturday 9th February 

3. intu Broadmarsh - Jenny Hibberd’s The Lace Piano 

Come and play the incredible Lace Piano by talented artist Jenny Hibberd. The curious instrument is inspired by  the mechanics and intricate processes of a Leavers Lace Machine  and is sure to be  a fully immersive and fun experience for all. Look our for family friendly workshops in which children are invited to create their own Lace Piano and remix their very own lace music samplers. 

When: 10am -4pm Friday 8th - Sunday 10th February

4. Rough Trade - Saturday Night Live Music 

Prepare for an evening of Live music with a unique twist! From every day tales about getting in and out of trouble to hip-hop whilst painting; this is sure to be an evening of unique performances that you won’t forget any time soon. Attend with an open mind and prepare yourself for performances from 4 original artists with entertaining and unconventional talent. Who said you can’t rap and paint at the same time anyway? 

When: 8pm - 12pm Saturday 9th February 

5. The Orange Tree - UKYA Poetry Jam #1

Roses are red, violets are blue, we’re going to a poetry jam and so should you! 

If you’ve never been poetry jam then nows your chance and with a line up of competition winning poets performing there’s never been a better time to give it a try. The evening will consist of performances from solo and group poets shortly followed by ear pleasing live music from the likes the talented Grace Tower.

When: 1pm - 3pm Saturday 9th February 

6. The Florist, upstairs at Bunkers Hill - Bill Balaskas’ Apertures 

In his lecture - performance Apertures, UKYA alumnus Bill Balaskas will explore the ideological agency of contemporary art by expanding his research into the notion of “blindness’”. This event is sure to provoke deep and challenging thoughts for everyone attending. 

When: 2pm - 4pm Saturday 9th February 

7. Nottingham Contemporary - Discover Club 

Discover club is a fantastic way to explore all that UKYA City Takeover has to offer. Start at Nottingham Contemporary and collect a free pack before heading out on trail around the Takeover Venues. Complete the trail and the challenges along the way and achieve an Arts Award Discover certificate.

When: 10am - 4pm Saturday 9th February

8. National Justice Museum - Joe McAllister’s ‘The Justice Syndicate

Have you ever wondered what it would like to be part of the jury in court? Well now’s your chance with this interactive art piece by Joe McAllister. You and 11 other members of the public will receive iPads which carefully analyse the decisions you make in real time, providing live opinion polls and interactive documents as you explore the controversial case. Do you think you can make the right decision ? 

Please note that this event has limited spaces and participants must be 18+. 

When: 11am - 2pm Saturday 9th February 

9. Albert’s - Rey Lobo / Camille Christel 

Amazing music will be plentiful at UKYA  and this event is sure to be no exception. A perfect double bill for a relaxing Sunday, home town artist Camille Christel will be giving an intimate performance of her exquisite songs. Following will be Spanish Trio Rey Lobo with a mixture of styles that include experimental, Spanish guitar and electronic sounds. 

When: 3pm - 5pm Sunday 10th February 

10. Nottingham Playhouse - Dance triple bill 

Catch awe-inspiring performances from talented dance artists Bianca Hisse, Yu - Hsien Wu and Kim Geunyoung. Experience original and unique styles of dance from these international artists. Hisse’s pieces are focused on shifting perspectives on the human body and investigating possibilities of non - human forms. Yu - Hsien Wu’s Dirty Paw is a contemporary dance solo that explores the purity of movements, which are interconnected between animal and human beings.  Kim Geunyoung is a chore

When: 8pm - 9.30pm Friday 8th February