Tips For Graduation

Posted on: 15 July 2019

The exams are out of the way, you've made it through the endless lectures, assignments and nights in the library and you can finally celebrate the end of it all with a graduation to remember. You may have exciting new things on the horizon but take a little time to commemorate the achievement of making it to the end of your degree. 

To make sure you have the best graduation experience, we've put together this handy page of tips and information to help you plan the big day. 

Useful tips: 

  1. Plan your outfit in advance - think about how your robes will look over the top, whether you can face the walk across the stage in heels and how well everything will stay in place in the wind. 
  2. Eat breakfast before you arrive - it’s likely to be a long ceremony to sit through before you get another chance to eat.
  3. Arrive with plenty of time to pick up your gown and mortarboard, have them fitted and cover yourself in kirby grips to keep everything in place.
  4. Get the camera charged and capture the moments, your family are likely to appreciate them as well as yourself. Don’t forget to go for the classic hat throwing photo!

Dining and drinking:

We get it, you're a busy, soon-to-be graduate and reading takes time! We also know that everyone's tastes are different so rather than listing all of Nottingham's amazing restaurants and bars (and there's a lot of em'!), we've created our Taste Finder page for you. This page lets you input the categories of food and drink you're in the mood for and then generates a helpful list of relevant venues. Cool huh? Click HERE to go to the page. 

Things to do while your here:

Nottingham is undoubtedly a city of history and variety and there’s loads of places to explore and things to do while you are here. Whether you're looking to show Nottingham off to friends and family or just want to check off the must-visit locations before heading home - Here's a few recommendations for you. 

The Robin Hood Statue: Famed for taking from the rich and giving to the poor, Robin Hood is arguably the most famous aspect of Nottingham’s history. Built in 1952 the Robin Hood statue has since become a key place for visitors to get their picture taken with the famous outlaw. 

The Malt Cross: Originally built in 1760 as a public house, The Malt Cross is now one of Britain’s last Victorian music halls. Today it is a vibrant cafe, bar and live music venue. If you want to learn more about the history behind The Malt Cross and the surrounding area, as well as explore the sandstone caves they offer hour long tours packed with interesting facts.

Nottingham Contemporary: Nottingham Contemporary is one of Britain’s largest centres for contemporary art and has been described by The Observer as ‘constantly inventive’. 4 contemporary visual arts exhibitions are held each year and are free for the public to experience.

The National Justice Museum: Situated in Nottingham’s old Shire Hall, the National Justice Museum had a court on site since 1937 and a prison since 1449. It was the place of dread for thousands, with many executions taking place at the entrance. Today it a site of activities and exhibitions showing the history of justice through time. They also offer ghost tours, or if you’re feeling brave try out the terror tours!

Nottingham Caves: Nottingham is built above a system of over 500 sandstone caves that date back to the dark ages. Find out about what has happened in these caves throughout history at the City Of Caves or treat yourself to a drink in some of the pubs which have sections that you can visit, such as the Hand and Hart, The Curious Tavern and The Malt Cross.

Historic Pubs: There has been much debate over which is the oldest pub in Nottingham. Conclusions from the programme History Hunters found that the oldest pub is The Bell Inn, the oldest building The Old Salutation and the oldest caves are in The Old Trip To Jerusalem, however there is still uncertainty over this so why not go and see what you think!