Why The Little Things Can Make All The Difference To Your Home

Posted on: 17 April 2019

When we think about the interior (and exterior) design of our homes it's easy to generalise. This is the living room, this is the garden, this is the kitchen...... All to often we forget that it's the little changes that can make all the difference. Here's five small items that'll help transform your home. 

1. LED Mickey Mouse Photo Clip - Primark (£6)

Photographs are probably one of the easiest things to put up around the house to really make it feel like your home. After all, they’re our memories, our holidays, our special moments that we just had to keep. So it makes sense that you should highlight them around the home. Do just that with a little help from this super cute Mickey Mouse Photo Clip. The LED lights are sure to add a nice warm touch to the room as well. 

2. Green and Blue Birdball Belle Bird Feeder - Nottingham Contemporary Weekday Cross (£26 each) 

With Spring already here and Summer on the way, now is the perfect time to start thinking about the garden. You’ll spend a lot of time out there as the sunny weather rolls in, so making it lovely to be in now is sure to leave future you feeling great. These arty bird feeders from Nottingham Contemporary are not only much nicer on the eyes than traditional sorts but just take a moment to picture this. The weather is beautiful, you’re relaxing with a nice glass of wine and the birds are singing in the background. Absolute bliss! 

3. Large Orchid Ceramic Plant - Marks & Spencer (£79)

Flowers are great for adding a splash of colour to your home but if you’re not particularly good at maintaining them or just simply not at home as much as you’d like, artificial is definitely the way to go. Marks & Spencer have done a fantastic job of creating this realistic item and we can see this product brightening up any room you put it in.

4. Blush Bouquet Candle from the Sunday Brunch Collection - Yankee Candle (£23.99)

Scented candles are a brilliantly compact way of making your home feel super cosy and relaxed. Easy, effective and affordable. What more in-scent-tive do you need? It’s worth noting that the delightful shade and tray are sold separately but if anything that just provides you with options.

5. Geo Brampton Rose Placement Tea Towel - Cath Kidston (£15.00)

Getting the right balance between bland and overbearing in a kitchen can be difficult. Nobody likes a cluttered kitchen after-all but going to minimalist can leave it looking a little bare and un-lived in. Luckily, this beautiful tea towel from Catch Kidston lands right in the sweet spot. It’s homely and stylish at the same time. Sure, it may just be a tea towel to some, but it’s sure to catch your eye and will definitely contribute to the overall aesthetic of the room.  It’s the little things after all!