Sweaty Betty

Sweaty Betty is a women's activewear chain, aiming to inspire women to find empowerment through fitness.

Sweaty Betty
22 Pelham Street
0115 941 8984

About Sweaty Betty

Sweaty Betty are a global activewear and lifestyle brand for women.

They are also a community that believes fitness is a flip-the-switch trigger for becoming the woman you want to be. Leggings and sports bras won’t change the world on their own. But with a grab-my-hand, let’s-go-for-it-now spirit, the women who wear them can.

Since their founder Tamara got them moving in 1998, they’ve stood and run for both performance and style. 

Their on-the-go community treats every day like it’s made for moving, and they’re always pushing to do better. Like crafting clothes from responsibly sourced materials and recycled bottles; caring for both your body and the planet.

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