Ye Olde Trip To Jerusalem

Ancient pub built into stone caves with a charming, wonky interior and resident ghosts, plus food.

About Ye Olde Trip To Jerusalem

Ye Olde Trip To Jerusalem is ranked as one of the best pubs to visit. They have a Licensed Bar and food served, a lovely front Garden and Courtyard so you can sit and look up at the pub and castle, and a Coffee Lounge for a nice quiet hot beverage. "The Trip" also have a Souvenir Shop, Cave Rooms and Cellar Tours.

Built into the rocks that Nottingham Castle are built on and with a wealth of history and enchanting features. 

The pub is famous for its caves, carved out of the soft sandstone rock against which the building is set. The larger ground level caverns are now used as the pub’s rear drinking rooms. There is also a network of caves beneath the building, originally used as a brewery. They seem to date from around the time of the construction of the castle (1068 AD).

The cursed galleon is a small wooden model of a ship in one the upstairs lounge. It is claimed that people who have cleaned it have all met a mysterious death. Landlords have refused to allow anyone to dust the ship over the years, allowing inches of thick grime to build up on it. The galleon is now encased in glass.

The pub also houses an antique chair; it is claimed that a woman who sits in the chair will increase her chances of becoming pregnant. So many people have sat on the chair in the hope of it bringing them pregnancy that is now is too weak to withstand the huge demand… It is now on display in the upstairs lounge.

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