Nottingham's Independent businesses to take part in The Great British Pop Up

Nottingham's independent businesses have teamed up with us and The Great British Exchange to set up shop in John Lewis & Partners this summer.

In support of Nottingham’s thriving independent shopping scene, It’s in Nottingham have teamed up with The Great British Exchange to create a summer of pop-up shops inside John Lewis & Partners for local businesses. The event, which runs between 12th July and 13th September will see 8 independent businesses owners running a week long pop-up shop on the ground floor of John Lewis & Partners within Victoria Centre. The pop-ups will serve to promote each business owners unique products and brand to enthusiastic shoppers whilst providing a platform for them interact with a brand new audience. As well as providing great exposure for the city's local businesses, it's also a fab opportunity for shoppers to discover what our indies have to offer.


Who are The Great British Exchange?

Created many years ago, The Great British Exchange exist for the explicit goal of bringing the best of smaller British brands to a much broader customer base. They do this for all categories of product, from food and beverage to housewares. One of their many fantastic initiatives is The Great British Pop-Up, which is what our Nottingham based indies will be taking part in this summer. 


Which businesses will be taking part? 

8 city centre based independent businesses will be popping up in John Lewis between 12th July and 13th September 2021. There's plenty of variety to look forward to from speciality coffee to boutique fashion and unique homeware. Take a peek at the line up and dates below. 



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