The Robin Hood Fund

Help those in urgent need in Nottingham by donating to The Robin Hood Fund. Find out more here!

What is The Robin Hood Fund?

The Robin Hood Fund is a platform created to aid people in Nottingham who require urgent support from the affects of COVID-19. The scheme is inspired by the community values and generosity associated with Nottingham's very own Robin Hood. From food supplies to home deliveries and beyond, the charity aims to create a support network for those in whom have been hit the hardest. 

How can you help?

Donations of all sizes are of course encouraged and hugely appreciated during this difficult time. If you are currently in a position where a donation isn't possible then sharing this article or The Robin Hood Fund website via your social media pages, word of mouth or by any other means is incredibly valued and helpful.

More information

For more details about The Robin Hood Fund or to make a donation, please visit

If you have any questions that the page doesn't answer please feel free to message the It's in Nottingham social media pages and we will do our best to help. 

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