Drag Bingo

Tue 17 May 20:00

Rock City
8 Talbot Street
01159 506547

Drag Bingo at Rock City 99

It’s not just a tortured pun, oh no! This month, as well as playing Drag Bingo we’ll be solving your real-life problems – LIVE! – throughout the night!

Come join Nana ‘Knows Best’ Arthole and Marilyn ‘Might Care’ Sane as they invite you to bear your souls (and whatever else you might fancy). We’ll offer advice on all issues, no matter how big, small, stupid, or spicy!

You can submit your questions on the night, or slide into our DMs (@unnamed_drag) – all advice is given with 100% anonymity, no names will be disclosed!

Because here at Drag Bingo, our door is always open. Except when it’s closed.

Drag Bingo

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