Event Horizon - the megagame

Sat 24 June 09:30 - 16:30

Event Horizon - the megagame at Motorpoint Arena Nottingham 165

First you saw the film - now try and survive the megagame! The hyper-advanced spaceship Event Horizon has re-appeared, and a UN-led research and salvage fleet are deployed to learn its secrets. Players are crewmembers on this fleet, taking the role of a commander or a specialist of different varieties, all of which have useful skills for the trial that lays ahead aboard the ill-omened ship.

The research and salvage fleet has 7 teams. Every team has 5 - 8 players, taking on the roles from commanders and engineers, to scientists and security staff - but all of them will have useful skills for the trials that lay ahead aboard the ill-omened ship. 

Teams represent the UN, a megacorporation, and assorted Earth states including the USA, Russia, China, and the African Union. All have their own objectives and approaches. 

Work together, share your resources and information, or maybe double-cross your peers as you try to take the precious knowledge of the mysterious spaceship for your own goals. Out here in the cold dark of space, would anyone even know? After all, this ship has a substantial dollar value attached to it, just... ignore the rumours. You can see for yourself how true those are.

Or can you? 

Maybe where you're going, you won't need eyes to see.

Event Horizon - the megagame

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