Make It Yours: Creative Workshops in April at The National Justice Museum 4803

You’re invited to drop into our Creative Courtyard and make something inspired by the museum collection.

Our creative sessions are free and open to all. Join us to make and create together and contribute to our growing museum! The sessions will be led by artists, makers, and writers, all influenced by this unique museum. 


Friday 14th April: Stitched Leaf Hanging

You may have tried stitching, drawing, and making art before, but have you ever been creative using simply the leaves we see around us every day? Join artist Jane Bevan to experiment with a wide range of leaves, collected from gardens and parks, to create stitched collages, hangings, and mini sculptures.


Friday 21st April: Creative Bowl Décor Workshop

Join artist Michelle Hubbard to decorate a small ceramic bowl with words, patterns and drawings inspired by a fascinating bowl from the National Justice Museum collection. Spend time with the embellished historic artefact that was crafted by someone living in prison to ignite your creativity.


Friday 28th April: Modroc Sculpture Workshop

Join artist Ismail Khokon to create your own original Modroc sculpture. Express yourself and have fun exploring plaster bandage and its potential to make unique precious sculptures. The workshop is inspired by Clare Abbatt’s sculptures, part of the museum’s current Project Lab.

Make It Yours: Creative Workshops in April

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