Maths Madness with Kyle D Evans

Mon 13 February 13:00 - 14:00

Nonsuch Studios
92 Lower Parliament Street

Maths Madness with Kyle D Evans at Nonsuch Studios 5435

This hour-long performance brings together stacks of audience participation and some mind-bending mathematical concepts, all delivered in an accessible fashion for children & their parents.  The show includes some of Kyle’s favourite demos that he has developed in recent years, including: T-shirts of hanoi, a fibonacci based folk song, the paper folding world championships, and an attempt to fit all of the UK’s rice stocks onto a single chess board (this part usually fails, but he gives it a good go.) 

Whether you’re a mathsphile or a mathsphobe, this show brings joyous number-play and family entertainment together in a way that truly has something for everyone.

There are two performances, 1-2pm and 4-5pm, and booking is essential. Please book tickets for all people attending the event, both children and accompanying adults. All children must be accompanied by an adult.


Kyle is an award winning maths communicator (Famelab UK 2016) and musical comedian (Best Stand-up, Swindon Fringe 2018) with a passion for increasing the general public’s understanding and enjoyment of mathematics.  He has performed musical/comedy maths shows for all ages at various events, such as Cheltenham & Manchester Science festivals, Blue Dot, Green Man, Camp Bestival, London Science Museum, Edinburgh Fringe & various other festivals.  He regularly delivers talks to large crowds of teenagers at events such as Maths Inspiration and Maths in Action, and is an occasional contributor to Radio 4’s flagship numbers show ‘More or Less’.

Maths Madness with Kyle D Evans

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